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iPod Accessory to fix or bypass a broken headphone jack?

The headphone jack on my ipod video is bent on the inside. i have tried to bend it back. i will eventually, try and replace it with the guts of a friend's ipod who's HD gave up the ghost.

In the meantime, before i crack into this little dude and perform some surgery, is there any ipod accessory out there that will plug into the bottom connector, and add the functionality of a headphone jack? I know it's possible, and i'd even be willing to solder something together if i could figure out what and where to. I would rather not perform surgery on this guy if i can avoid it, even if i hack together a crappy diy solution, any solution other than cracking the cases, or taking it to a repair center.

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Best answer: I know someone who uses one of these for just that purpose and likes it.
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Best answer: This looks to be exactly what you're after, though out of stock.
This could probably be pressed into service with a couple of connectors.
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Response by poster: record timing. brilliant, thank you so much!
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As of like, today, Mission Repair will fix it for fifty bucks. I know you want an accessory, but fifty dollars isn't bad. Not including shipping...
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Just a note, those iPod radio remotes are not very rugged. A coworker and I both bought one and both of them broke after a couple of months of being in our pockets and bending when we moved around. They're pretty good, but not too strong.
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You can use a dock connector to get sound.

Like This:

Although, really, it's really not that hard to replace, especially if you know how to open up an iPod. Here's the part for 10 bucks:


And here's a youtube video about how to open up an ipod:

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