Channel dropping out on iPod
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Are the connections in the earbud socket of an iPod (5G 30gig Video) able to be "tightened?"

I am dropping out one channel (the right one) and if I wiggle the jack, it will come back on. I tried contact cleaner, but this does not seem to do the job. I am assuming that the contacts have been bent out, by use.

I was wondering if I popped it open (I would need to acquire the plastic thingie) if I would find that I could bend in the lower set of contacts, so it would make a consistent connection.

Anyone else had this problem?
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I tried this unsuccessfully. They were next to impossible to get at, IIRC, and I ended up needing a new iPod.
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Anyone else had this problem?

Yes. You need a new headphone jack. You can either buy the part and replace it yourself or get it replaced, both options are a lot cheaper than buying a new one. The bending thing you're describing doesn't help (or didn't help me anyway), the connection is damaged and you need a new jack.
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Response by poster: This part includes the "hold" button, right?

Where did you get this part, shelleycat?
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Best answer: I just googled for it and found a whole bunch for sale in various places. I don't remember where exactly because it was a while ago and I'm in NZ so the places I was looking probably won't help you anyway, but it was an easy enough part to get. It's called the headphone jack and yes, contains the hold button as well. There are also instructions online showing how exactly to replace it, for different iPod types and whatever, and they looked very comprehensive and easy to follow. Again found via google.

I'm a wuss though so paid for someone to replace mine. Annoyingly the hold button stopped working after about four months although the sound quality has always been excellent. The repair was still in warranty but I was travelling for several months so didn't end up getting it replaced. All the NZ repair places give at least six months warranty on the part and the repair, I'd say it's worth having that.
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Best answer: I replaced mine a few months back, i got it from: it was under 20 bucks, but took some patience and teeny screw drivers to replace the part. It also includes the hold button.

Not easy, but doable.
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I'd expect to pay $40-50 to get a pro to replace it for you.
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I got mine on ebay. It came with the little hook things you use to get the case apart without screwing it up. It's not all that hard, just a little nerve wracking.

The hold button on my replacement broke quickly for some reason but the headphone jack has been good. I've also replaced the LCD. I've had mine going for 4 years and have it on all the time. Knock on wood...
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Response by poster: For posterity, here is a video on how to do this fix.
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