Help me find that song, you know the one...
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Can't find that song filter: There is a song that I've been looking for, from the mid 90's, something having to with bohemia.

It's a woman singing, and I could have sworn it was Bettie Serveert, but I have *ahem* acquired all of her albums from around that time, and didn't hear it. I can't remember much except that it was a mid tempo number, very was almost like the cocteau twins. The only part that really stuck out was the chorus, and that had something to do with "bohemia" being repeated a few times.

It was sometime around 94-95, probably closer to 95. I was living in Detroit at the time, and it could have quite possibly been a canadian artist.

Thanks in advance, if anyone can help...this has been driving me batty.
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Could it be La Vie Boheme from Rent? Not the original recording, but covered by someone else.
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I'm guessing The Dandy Warhols, Bohemian Like You.
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Ok, so I didn't read the question properly. Or at all, really. I couldn't be wronger, actually.
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Only thing I can think of that's vaguely close would be 'Oblivious' by Galaxie 500. Problem being that's off by six years and a gender.

Bettie Serveert is a band named after a TV show, by the way.
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Could your memory have mixed up the band name with the song? My first thought was Edie Brickell and the New Bohemians doing "What I am"... But I think that the era is a bit off.
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Mae Moore - Bohemia (1992)?

Excerpts from her site include the following:

...Released in Canada, the album spawned the hit single "I'll Watch Over You." From there, Mae left for Australia to record her follow-up album Bohemia (1992), the title track from which went on to Triple A and Modern Rock chart success in both Canada and the U.S.

Direct link to songclip of Bohemia
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If you can hum it, Nayio might find it. Link here
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Almost positive it is Mae Moore.
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