Work Christmas Cards - If I give out one, do I have to give one to everyone?
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OfficePolitics/Etiquette Filter: Christmas Cards - If I give out one, do I have to give one to everyone?

I work for a very large company with a couple hundred branches nationwide. Obviously I'm giving cards to the 20 or people in my department, but I'd like to send another 20-30 out to other staff in the field.
I'm worried that not sending a card to *every* office or manager will be more drama than it's worth, if people feel hurt or left out because they didn't get one. This is particularly hard for me because, well, I suck at office politics. I can just imagine the emails from the manager of the Seattle office asking why Tacoma got a card and they didn't.
It'd be a personal card from me, not representing the department I work in, and my role isn't even close to a management position.
Does anyone have any thoughts on this?
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If it's a personal card from you, just send them to individuals you have a personal relationship with, regardless of any business connections. Anyone not on that list probably won't be expecting one.
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Second what bizwank said.

It's not exactly the same situation, but I used to do recruitment advertising for a chain of newspapers, and many of my accounts were advertising agencies. Several of the agencies had offices all over the country, although I only spoke to people at a couple offices. During the holidays I sent cards to those who I spoke to personally - I didn't send a card to people at an office if I didn't have any dealings with that office. I wouldn't expect a card from someone I'd never had any dealings with and I doubt people who you don't generally deal with expect any from you.
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Indeed. Since it's just a personal card, and not "Merry Christmas from the home office!", I don't think you really have to worry about it.
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What everybody else said, with the additional suggestion that if they're personal cards you send them to the intended recipients' home addresses, if you have them.
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What everyone else said plus get a few extra and If anyone complains:
"Oh, didn't you get one? I'm sure you were on the list." Then send them a belated card & make sure to send one next year.
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