give me back my x!
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firefox question-before I updated to the newest version of firefox, I had an X button in the right hand corner of my tab bar that would allow me to click it and the open tab would close. With the update this x is gone and in its place i see a down arrow that lists all open tabs. I cant remember if that tab closer was an extension or not, but I'd really like it back. I open lots of tabs at once and like to be able to click through them rapidly. Help me get back my X! Thanks
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Yeah, I hate the new tab system as well. Fortunately it's an easy fix.

In the address bar, type about:config

Then search for browser.tabs.closeButtons

Double-click on it. Enter "3" as the value.

Hey presto!
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My new version still has the X-button.. but if you want a shortcut, clicking the tab with your scroll-wheel, if you're using a scroll-mouse, will also close it.
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>< sorry for doubleposting, i'd misunderstood. i meant that my tab still had the x the actual tab (beside the title). br>
(oh, the scroll-wheel-click will also open in new tabs)
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Response by poster: thanks Hidalgo! what a relief!
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Is it possible to remove the down arrow, too?
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great, that was pissing me off too. thanks.
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Here is all you need on configuring
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[I liked the X button too, but then I was even happier when I discovered ctrl/cmd-W to close tabs. It's my new best friend.]
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Ohhhhhhh god, I love AskMe. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
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Another thanks! This was driving me insane.
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Hidalgo, I love you.
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PS: For anyone who doesn't know, CTRL+Shift+T brings back closed tabs, and CTRL+Tab or CTRL+Shift+Tab cycles forwards and backwards.

Just a cool tip.
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Even better than cmd/ctrl-W to close tabs? Middle-click on the tab (i.e. push down the scroll wheel, if you have one). That's why I set my browser.tabs.closeButtons to 2 instead.
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Yeah, I installed 2.0, took a look around, discovered that my themes (common problem according to their forums) and some of my favorite extensions weren't working (eg. Tab Mix Plus... which I cannot browse without), and I promptly uninstalled and went back to
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Ctrl-F4 closes the current tab.

It has the additional advantage of not forcing you to take your fingers off the keys and mouse up to the X.
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