MacBook doesn't see DVDs and CDs
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MacBook doesn't see inserted DVDs/CDs....

it doesn't spit them out but they don't appear on the desktop and programs like DVD player and VLC can't see them. I have tried changing the system preferences to open certain programs when discs are inserted but they don't open. When I set it to IGNORE (which is what it's set to on my iMac--and they appear on the desktop when inserted into that computer), they're completely ignored as well.

Any ideas? (Note: I've had the MacBook about 2 mos but never inserted a disc until today--so, as far as I know, it never worked; it's a SuperDrive).
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get thee to an apple store post haste.
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If you do manage to get the disk out, and then put it back in, does it spin it up? Sounds like the data cable might have come unhooked.
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IDE cable came loose, or was never properly seated. Genius bar time.
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Response by poster: You're probably right that I'll have to hit a Genius Bar but just to clarify: the disc comes out no prob with the eject button. I just can't use the disc for anything--like watch a movie.

The drive also shows up in my "About this mac" under ATA.
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Best answer: Couple things:

* try restarting first - there are a couple key combos you can try that should force eject if you hold them during bootup. Some google fu should turn them up.

* make sure you aren't running anything like parallels or other virtualization software that can "capture" cd drives - this has gotten me a couple of times when I have parallels in a another desktop and forget about it. DVDs or CDs get grabbed by parallels unless you "disconnect" it for parallels, and mac os never has a chance to see it.
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Response by poster: Arrgh. Indeed, it was Parallels, which was running in the bg and minimized. Thanks!
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I agree, technical assistance at Ye Olde Genius Bar (& Grille) is a must. But you can also call Apple Tech Support. Their hours are 6AM to 6PM, West Coast Time.

In the mean time, run Disk Utility, which is in Applications --> Utilities. That should get your system to "notice" the CD.

Good luck!
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If this happens again, reboot and hold down the mouse button. (or trackpad button if you have no mouse plugged in)

That will tell the Mac to eject whatever is in the CD drive.

Or if it's an operating system CD, hold down "C" when booting. That's a good way to see if your drive is doing what it's supposed to do.
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