Software recommendations for creating an affiliate program?
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Greetings, hive mind. I want to start an affiliate program for my web design and hosting business for folks to refer others for hosting. What software is good for tracking referrals?

For clarification, this is not a request for what affiliate program is best (Commission Junction, LinkShare, whatever) but a question about what software to use to set up an affiliate program like they have.
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Response by poster: Should have included this in the question, but I have searched HotScripts et al but I wasn't sure which scripts were reliable.
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one quick note... CJ and Linkshare are Networks... from the gist of your question, you're looking for software of a script to host on your site.

If you're looking to go an inexpensive route, your best bet is to check the docs of your shopping cart software. Many of them have a fairly basic script already there, it's just a matter of turning it on.
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