Why is China blocking my diplomacy?
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Why is it that if I enter the coordinates of Tiananmen Square (which are 39°54′12″N, 116°23′30″E) in any format, Google Earth responds with "Your search returned no results"?

I have tried entering the coordinates in several formats. Am I being blocked? Beijing's coordinates (Latitude: 39° 55' 44 N, Longitude: 116° 23' 18 E) work.

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Best answer: According to a Google search of "Google Earth Tiananmen Square," it's viewable, apparently.

Try these coordinates? 39 54'9"N, 116 23'33"E
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Best answer: I've found Google Earth to be absurdly picky about how the coordinate is entered. Try:

39 55' 44"N, 116 23' 18"E
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Response by poster: I didn't even realize the difference in the formatting there. It works good, lasts long time.

Thank you very much!!
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