Tattoo in Amsterdam
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What's the best tattoo shop in Amsterdam?

It's a simple design, so a Rembrandt is not needed. Just a good atmosphere and nice, quality people.
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My brother got a tattoo in Amsterdam about 6-7 years ago now. If there are no more answers forthcoming, email me (in profile) and I'll try and get you in touch with him.
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I went into a shop run by the Banana-man.. I would recommend him, but I don't know any other places to compare against.

Very clean, very well-lit, and he was a nice guy.
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I would recommend Hanky Panky for the history and high quality artists but Henk is not tattooing anymore as far as I know. House of tattoo's has some nice artist as well.It depends on the style of art you want.

I would check out some of the Euro convention sites to see if Amsterdam has one running while you are there.Conventions will expose you to artists and art you may have never conceived. Robert Hernandez is a good artist to check out as his site shows how far tattoo's can be taken.

I hope you get a great piece!
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