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September 19

Hallo Amsterdam!

The last Amsterdam question was in 2019 so .. what do I need to know before I go (from the US) this fall? This is a family trip that includes a teenager who loves to walk around on her own - which neighborhoods should we stay in? Which should we avoid? Any specific visitor tips or recs? Assume we have the basic sightseeing stuff covered. Bedankt!
posted by nkknkk around Amsterdam, Netherlands at 6:27 PM - 18 answers has best

March 8, 2019

Amsterdam: AMS passport control & transit

Amsterdam: help me guess how long from deplaning at AMS to arrival at Central Station, on a mid-week evening in April? U.S. citizen, but arriving after two weeks in England & Jersey (the flight in question will be JER-LON-AMS on British Air). Only hand baggage, so no wait for checked bags. Nothing unusual in my passport (all my past interactions with passport control have been a couple sentences). Deplaning should start about 6pm. I don't know AMS, but I'm well-traveled / have good transit instincts.
posted by kalapierson around Amsterdam, Netherlands at 2:48 AM - 10 answers has best

December 8, 2018

Three weeks in Amsterdam, alone and a little broke

Looking for activities / things to check out that are free or affordable and friendly to the solo female traveler. [more inside]
posted by SassHat around Amsterdam, Netherlands at 8:36 AM - 18 answers has best

September 25, 2018

12-hour layover in Amsterdam at night -- should I get out to the city?

Was looking through earlier AskMeFi questions of this situation and could only find answers from about a decade ago. Updated thoughts about female solo traveler getting into Amsterdam during evening (9pm-9am) layover? [more inside]
posted by orangesky4 around Amsterdam, Netherlands at 5:38 AM - 4 answers

August 1, 2018

What to do with 8-hour layover in Amsterdam Schiphol?

I have an 8-hour layover in Schiphol. Is there enough time for me to go into downtown Amsterdam for a nice meal and walk around downtown? [more inside]
posted by tickingclock around Amsterdam, Netherlands at 8:53 AM - 13 answers has best

June 29, 2018

I want to go to the Anne Frank Museul on July 2. It's sold out. Hope me!

I was in Amsterdam for a 6 hour layover years ago and didn't get to go to the Anne Frank museum because there was a long line. Going this time was top of my list of things to do. In fact, it was my only must-do. But I didn't know you had to buy tickets ahead of time until someone mentioned it to me today. I will have only one full day in Amsterdam and that was my plan to see. Is there anything i can do? Are there Anne Frank scalpers (yes, the thought grosses me out, too, but I'm desperate)? There are two adults who want to go. Is there any hope?
posted by If only I had a penguin... around Amsterdam, Netherlands at 1:42 PM - 8 answers has best

June 25, 2018

Family activities in Amsterdam

We're off to Amsterdam next week. What are some family-friendly (2 adults, a 6y/o, and a 2y/o) activities to do or places to visit? [more inside]
posted by EndsOfInvention around Amsterdam, Netherlands at 3:32 AM - 17 answers has best

September 5, 2017

Moving/housewarming gift? (challenge level: Canada to the Netherlands)

My friend and her partner are uprooting and moving to Amsterdam! I'm super excited for them and want to get them a gift. However, it's very last minute and I need to do it remotely. Help? [more inside]
posted by Paper rabies around Amsterdam, Netherlands at 4:19 PM - 7 answers

June 23, 2017

12 beautiful (layover) hours next Sunday in Amsterdam... tips please

My wife and I will be returning from a Norway cruise and docking in Amsterdam next Sunday at 7am. Our plane leaves that night at 7pm out of Schiphol. We both have small backpacks and roller bags. Important Q: Where can we stash our stuff for the day so we can enjoy the city? [more inside]
posted by rabu around Amsterdam, Netherlands at 11:57 AM - 2 answers

May 4, 2017

Late May Amsterdam trip! Woo!

I'm headed to Amsterdam on May 22nd and I'm looking for recommendations for things to do in the area while I'm there. [more inside]
posted by mfu around Amsterdam, Netherlands at 8:59 AM - 22 answers

March 17, 2017

Two nights in Amsterdam vs Amsterdam and Brussels?

Flying into Amsterdam, and working making my way to London within the span of a few days. Trying to decide between staying 2 nights in Amsterdam, versus one night in Amsterdam and one night in Brussels, en route to the UK. Advice? [more inside]
posted by NikitaNikita around Amsterdam, Netherlands at 6:32 PM - 15 answers has best

March 15, 2017

Amsterdam Keukenhof travel logistics?

I am arranging a group of 10 adults to travel from Amsterdam Centraal to Keukenhof, then onward to Leiden for dinner, and finally back to Amsterdam CS in the evening. I'm having trouble sorting thru the info on the English versions of the ride planning websites sites and my Dutch is niet zo goed. Can anyone help me sort this? [more inside]
posted by ista around Amsterdam, Netherlands at 11:13 AM - 7 answers has best

September 21, 2016

Watching the US Presidential Debate in Amsterdam?

I'm going to be in Amsterdam for a few days next week, including during the first US presidential debate. I know I could just stream it, but I think it would be more cathartic to watch it with (A) other people cheering for Hillary and embarrassed/exasperated with Trump and (B) booze. Democrats Abroad doesn't have any debate watching events listed for the Netherlands. Will any bars be open that late/early (3 am?) on a weekday and showing the debate? [more inside]
posted by bassooner around Amsterdam, Netherlands at 1:00 PM - 4 answers

July 13, 2016

What should I do for a week in Amsterdam?

I'll be in Amsterdam for a week in October. I like eating, drinking, and old things. What should I be sure to not miss? [more inside]
posted by Ducks or monkeys around Amsterdam, Netherlands at 6:50 AM - 13 answers

July 5, 2016

Travel to Amsterdam in December

I just fell madly in love with Amsterdam. I'd like to go back in December (mostly because it's easiest for me to get away then). Of course, I have no idea what Amsterdam will be like in December, so I'm turning to the hive mind.  I'm also looking for some specific advice on where to stay. [more inside]
posted by holborne around Amsterdam, Netherlands at 5:59 AM - 11 answers

June 11, 2016

Nice bar in Amsterdam showing Euro 2016

Does anyone know any nice bars in Amsterdam showing the Euro 2016 football? [more inside]
posted by djgh around Amsterdam, Netherlands at 9:26 AM - 0 answers

May 8, 2016

It's a boat and a house!!!

My husband and I will be in the Netherlands for vacation the second week of September. We want to spend at least part of that time in Amsterdam and are intrigued by the idea of staying in a houseboat while in Amsterdam. Please advise us on a few points and would also love to hear your experience if you have vacationed in an Amsterdam houseboat. [more inside]
posted by Tandem Affinity around Amsterdam, Netherlands at 4:32 PM - 8 answers has best

October 24, 2015

Dame with a Dental Dam in Amsterdam: Hot Damn!

Recommendations for female-friendly brothel / massage parlor / sex club in Amsterdam? [more inside]
posted by argonauta around Amsterdam, Netherlands at 9:44 AM - 3 answers

October 9, 2015

Amsterdam: Help me have the tourist experience on a Sunday afternoon

A work trip I'm going on to the Hague finishes at noon on Sunday so I'm thinking of heading over to Amsterdam (where I will fly out of early Monday morning) to spend Sunday afternoon/night. I'm looking for recommendations on where to stay, where to eat and what to do and hoping for the full Amsterdam tourist experience and all it's infamous for, in a single Sunday afternoon/evening. Thanks!
posted by pick_the_flowers around Amsterdam, Netherlands at 2:58 AM - 7 answers

July 20, 2015

Amsterdam/Netherlands ideas

Can you suggest offbeat things to do around Amsterdam? [more inside]
posted by special-k around Amsterdam, Netherlands at 5:08 AM - 23 answers has best