Watching the US Presidential Debate in Amsterdam?
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I'm going to be in Amsterdam for a few days next week, including during the first US presidential debate. I know I could just stream it, but I think it would be more cathartic to watch it with (A) other people cheering for Hillary and embarrassed/exasperated with Trump and (B) booze. Democrats Abroad doesn't have any debate watching events listed for the Netherlands. Will any bars be open that late/early (3 am?) on a weekday and showing the debate?

(Bonus: Suggestions for places to watch the vice presidential debate in Ghent the following week would also be welcome.)
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I doubt you'll find a place open at that time with it on. Also, the Dutch don't really do politics as a spectator sport, per se.
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Maybe post here:
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Check with the American embassy? A friend of mine and I watched Obama's acceptance speech at the American consulate in Chennai, and it was a SUPER fun experience. We're not American citizens, but they were super welcoming, made a big party of it. Surely someone over there will be watching the debate...
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Melkweg will be streaming the debate. There's some info in English here.
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