Mmm, how gothic
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Name that typeface: used on the Michelin road signs in France. I've tried all the usual Gothic suspects.
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From what I've been able to determine, the old Michelin signs were hand-painted enameled steel, or "lave". Being hand-painted, there wouldn't be any sort of actual font being used. Just the general "idea" of a gothic font.

And, before you scoff, let me assure you that the old-school sign painters of yore were absolutely capable of batting out signs with such precision that you would easily think the signs were machine-made.
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Also, if you look at the two adjacent N characters in the bottom-right sign, you'll see that they're somewhat different.
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Mmm, Frutiger.

Probably not the same... But definitely used in other French highway signage.
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I think Thorzdad is right about the old ones being hand-painted. Nevertheless, you might try identifont if you haven't already. Might not find an exact match, but could find an an acceptable approximation.
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Not Frutiger. Font Bureau's Interstate and the various styles of font that pop up in the DIN continuum come close but are not exact matches. As noted, it is probably more a general style than a font properly speaking.
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Caracteres is used on some road signs in France.
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Roadgeek Fonts has a collection of approved roadsign fonts from all over the place, downloadable for personal use. Their Highway Gothic looks as close as it gets.

I knew that info would come in handy at some point.
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There are a few characters in Avenir that match. I think if you distressed this font set you'd get pretty close.
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Caracteres is a decent after-the-fact recreation of the older handpainted signs, which actually vary quite a bit over time and place. Frutiger is the new face.
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Wow. holgate. Tasty.
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