Help me find this type?
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Found font I'd love for my Save the Dates and need your help to track it down!

I am in love with this type from the Shakira editorial in Latina Magazine. Can you help me find this type (of course the flourishes were added after, hopefully the font wasn't created specifically for these graphics!) or point me in the right direction?


If you need the original images in higher resolution I can send those across just shoot me a private message. Thanks!
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Best answer: I was all set to say it was hand-lettered but I believe I've found it: Port Vintage
posted by TWinbrook8 at 4:55 PM on April 6, 2014

Looks close to this Hoban...
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Best answer: It's a (rather sloppy) customization/mishmash of a font, and TWinbrook8 beat me to it. It's Port Vintage, and some other font (look at the R in WHERE in Pic2 VS the R in OR in Pic4) mushed together.
Swashes really wouldn't be that hard to add to it, now that you've got a base!
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Response by poster: HOLY MOOOLY! YOU GUYS ARE THE BEST! AND QUICK! Thank you thank you!!!!
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