Handwriting? Writing with ones' hand? Please explain.
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I'd like to find typographically pretty stencils in small sizes; Something neat and flat that I could have in my notebook and trace with a .005 pen.

Alternatively, does anyone know how much it would cost to get something like this laser cut? (or whatever process might work) Preferably close by in Sweden, but mailorder would work.

If you have a hard time visualising: Not pretty stencils
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Here are a couple. (Scroll down to see pics of prettier alphabets)
I googled "calligraphy stencils" and got some good results.
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I've never used this company before, but Stencil Ease has over 65 alphabet fonts on stencils, will laser cut the stencil to your desired thickness, and seems to do custom sizes (their standard sizes come in 1 inches and up, but they say they will do other sizes if you contact them).
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Alphabet stencils from The Stencil Library.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the answers so far.

I'll send an email off to Stencil Ease in the morning; if they do custom small sizes (≈ 4-10mm type) and shapes at least I'll get an idea about price and feasibility.

One thing that struck me was that it should be possible to do these without using bridges; since such a small stencil would be traced along the edge with a pen, there's no need to protect the areas that would be blotted out would you've used a brush or spray. Haven't found any, but it seems like either an obvious niche product for typophiles, or a business idea I should expand upon. (although "B" might be troublesome)

So let's shift to the 'laser cutting' thing. Have you ordered any such work done, and what has your experience been? Mylar or Metal? If there's a Mefite in Sweden with a shop that has the equipment I'd love to know.
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