Where can we get 40s and 50s-style pinup photos done?
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I'm looking for a place, preferably in New Jersey or surrounding (Philly, NYC count), where a quite lovely young woman can get 40's and 50's style pinup photos done. Both dressed and not-so. Any guidance?
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Response by poster: Though these aren't actually of that vintage, She's looking for things like this and the others like it here . (Some nudity and close-to-it in those)
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I think that your question might be two-fold. My thoughts? If it were me, I would find a costume/makeup person to help me with the period styling and a second person, photographer who has done discreet photos before. Given a decent facsimile, any decent photographer can copy the lighting etc. Where more specific help is needed is in your styling. Good luck - sounds like fun!
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There are several photographers that I could recommend in NYC (my boyfriend included), but I agree with typewriter that you'd need a good stylist for photos like that. If your lovely young woman has clothing that she'd like to wear for such a shoot, and the ability to do her own hair and makeup, it'd be easy to find a photographer to shoot her.
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