What venues in the East half of the US can my band play?
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My band is going to go on a tour from the Midwest to the East Coast in Late March. What small clubs (Cap 100- or less) or basements- geared towards noisey indie rock- would you recommend playing in between Milwaukee and The Atlantic Ocean? If possible, contact info or a link would be appreciated.
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If you wind up dropping down St. Louis way, try Frederick's Music Lounge.
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The Annex in Madison is a pretty good place. Let me know when you're touring, especially if you actually play here.
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100 or less is pretty small. I'm sure there are lots of places, but if they're booked or if you should find yourself with some empty dates, perhaps you could fill in with a supporting slot at a larger venue. Just a thought.

That said, the most likely places for you to play here in Cleveland would be the Grog Shop (contact info here) or the Beachland Ballroom (booking info here), which has a small "tavern" space in addition to the main larger hall. Another place I know less about but might be a good fit is the Phantasy Concert Club (site appears to be in limbo, but contact info is on the front page).

Happy booking, and be sure to tell us your tour schedule!
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book your own fucking life used to be worth checking out, i haven't looked at it in a while, but i knew people who toured all over the country using places listed there.

the hardest part, from what i've seen, isnt finding a place to play, but getting on a bill with a local band with decent draw in places that won't know anything about you.
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Chameleon Club, Lancaster, PA: Contact info

R5 Productions, Philadelphia, PA: Website
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The East End Cafe, Newark, DE
Gate City Noise, Greensboro, NC (Caution! Their annoying website resizes your browser. Go to happenings and then instore events to find out abotu playing there.)
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Columbus Ohio: Bernie's 614 - 291-3448 A basement dive with excellent cred.
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