Are there any music review sites out as extensive and as frequently updated as and Rolling Stone?
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I've been looking for some good music review websites besides and RollingStone, since they often don't know what they're talking about and I like to get a lot of opinions. Are there any websites out there that are as extensive and as frequently updated? It seems those are the only 2 I can find that are both.
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You said you liked to get a lot of opinions:
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I like the user reviews on Amazon, particularly the charts that show average ratings for a band's entire catalog.
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The following are all online versions of proper magazines out of the UK: Q is huge and not bad. I've never found the real world version of this one - but I like its attitude. NME is a standard but nowhere near as good as it used to be. And finally Bang.

I also use Metacritic and The Guardian . And off-question, this is a good place for music news.

Here's a previous Ask Metafilter where quartermass wanted some links to slightly underground music reviews.
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Dotmusic isn't bad (although now owned by Yahoo, and not as good as it once was) - also Playlouder.
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This thread might give you some ideas.
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The War Against Silence mixes good reviews of a mix of music with (sometimes long) personal commentary.
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Try Gnod's for some very clickable relatedness exploration.
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wow, that War Against Silence site is wonderful! I can't believe the range of the stuff this guy reviews. I can read about the latest prog-metal shred-fest and the latest japanese pop releases. This is a real find. thanks!
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War Against Silence is my absolute favorite, but if you like to participate in the reviewing i would highly recommend Rate Your Music.
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