Rockin' out in Hong Kong
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I'll be in Hong Kong for the month of September. I'm interested in learning about the local music scene...

I'd like to see some live shows when I'm there and am looking for small clubs that would have indie rock, electronic or more experimental music.
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Hmm, HK's scene is predominantly Canto-pop, but if you're into hardcore at all, then I suggest you catch a show by 荔枝王 /King Lychee. They absolutely rock face.
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The Fringe Club on Lower Albert Road might be a good starting place. It's a theatre/club/restaurant/art gallery/bar all in one building. There is usually a band in the bar space most nights of the week. Bring rain gear in September.
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Seconding the Fringe Club as a good starting point. Here's what's going on there in September. In general, the live music scene in Hong Kong is fairly barren, unfortunately.
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Every time I go to Hong Kong I try to check out a concert from the indie scene. My best contacts so far have been made at the Panic record stores, one in Kowloon and one in Hong Kong. They have lots of releases by local bands, and usually flyers or posters announcing upcoming shows.

For good shopping, Monitor Records near the Jordan metro stop has the best selection, including both local and international releases.
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