Car seat will not slide forward or back
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How do I remove coins that have fallen out of my pocket and gotten jammed into the slide track of my 1997 Pathfinder's driver seat?

The seat is totally stuck because there are coins in the track preventing it from sliding. I want to sell the car, but I'm reluctant to list it before I get this seat un-stuck. Any ideas here?
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Fridge magnet?

Gum on a pencil?


shrink them?
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Put panty hose over the end of a vacumn nozzle and suck them out.
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But then you won't get that awesome rattling sound?!! You're a genius!
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Can you see them? Can you reach it with maybe a piece of wire with sticky wax or a glob of caulk/gelly adhesivy stuff on the end of it?
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Put panty hose over the end of a vacumn nozzle and suck them out.

wow. I was going to recommend magnets but talk about not seeing the forest for all its trees...

(too bad I have a roomba)

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You're a genius!

Girls who wear jewelry know these things ;)
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A flexible claw pick-up tool might get them. They cost a buck at dollar stores.
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You won't pick up these with a magnet.
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Long-nosed pliers.
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Just goto a mechanic and ask them to remove the seats. It'll cost almost nothing (5-10 minutes of their time) and that way you can also vacuum under there since that space under the seat will be exposed. Or, learn how to take off the seat yourself.
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flexible claw pick-up tool
They have a name? I call that a long-handled, skinny-necked grabber. But that's what I'd try first. (We can't really see under your car seat very well; could you move the flashlight for us?)
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Hardware store also carry some varying length surgical clamps as a tool for getting into such a tight spot, grabbing and holding coins , keys, and such. Coins generally are NOT ferrous and a magnet will be good for paperclips ,not coins.
The surgical clamps may also be found in shorter lengths at some tobacco shops since they have been historically used a cigarette holders (sometimes referred to as a "roach clip")
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The post about the vaccum is pure brilliance. I was going to reccomend just fishing them out with needle-nosed pliers but that doesn't even compare to the vaccum.
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If the track is made of metal, I would think it would sheild the magnet...
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What is wrong with sucking some pennies up into the bag of your vacuum cleaner? I don't get it. You're trying to save these pennies?!?

Anyhow, I would use toothpicks and superglue. Or popsicle sticks and super glue. Paper clips and super glue?

Is it easy to remove the seat if it's a power seat? That sounds like a pain in the bum.

Would it be problematic to turn the car upside down for a short period?
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US coins, and many others, ARE NOT MAGNETIC! What is wrong here?
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