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Anyone here have any experience with Noah Grey's Greymatter weblog system? I'm trying out a few systems for a site I'm working on, and everything went fine until I tried to post a reply. [more inside]

during the testing stage the blog resides here. when i try to post a comment I get a 404. I tried changing my paths and rebuilding, and the diag. says all is well, but all is not well.
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I like Noah's photos and greymatter was a huge step forward when it came out, but it's some pretty old code now that isn't easy to fix, extend, or hack. I'd say you should consider movable type instead. It works pretty much out of the box and is infinitely expandable thanks to simple plugins.
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I downloaded moveable type but was daunted by the installation instructions. I admit it sounds like a far more sophisticated system, and would like to try it, but I'm not certain I fully understand how to configure it.

Right now I'm testing various systems and I'll probably end up going with moveable type (despite the initial anxiety it caused me :)) as it does appear to have the best feature set.
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MT sounds much harder than it is. If you are not using MySql or anything, just follow it step by step and it will work well enough.
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How right you are, initial setup of MT is complete. Those instructions need to be rewritten. Thanks for the suggestion and encouragement :)
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This question was asked before here, if you want to search for more info. Greymatter is no longer being maintained or supported(?), apparently, so may not be a good choice.
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Yeah. I started with GreyMatter (actually, before that I used NewsPro, then Blogger), but since I've started using MT I've been a lot happier. So. Much Power.

Just wish I had the time to clean up all my templates. And that the template editing window wasn't sized so conveniently for, like 640x480.
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