What are some good MMORPG blogs?
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Can anyone recomend any good weblogs on MMORPGs?

In particular, I would like to read ones about World of Warcraft. I'm looking for stuff that is thoughtful and well written. For example, I liked this article on Star Wars Galaxies.
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Broken Toys - It's Lum the Mad's new blog, if you remember him from long ago. He touches on WoW fairly regularly.
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Best answer: If you're looking for Calacanis-style coverage, WoWInsider is good. For something nerdier but very fascinating, PlayOn is a blog of someone doing a bunch of statistics delving into the way people play the game.
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New World Notes is my favorite of the many weblogs covering Second Life.
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Best answer: Most non-game-specific MMO blogs will talk about WoW quite a bit, as it's become something of a common language.

Design blogs by professionals:
Raph Koster
Damion Schubert
Jeff Freeman
I second the recommendation for Scott's blog.

A general MMO player blog: n3rfed

An academic blog which is normally thought-provoking, but often misguided on the particulars of the business: Terra Nova
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Another neat one that focuses on cheating and the RMT (Real Money Trade) aspects of MMOs, like WoW, is PlayNoEvil. It's not bad, but very centered on its topic.

For very high fallutin' talk about MMO's in general, you can go to Terra Nova. It's a bit academic in nature, but given who you linked to, it might be right up your alley.

In general, many blogs that talk generally about MMOs will be discussing WoW on a regular basis. It's the 800 pound gorilla of the online world right now.
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Best answer: MetBlogs, which does city-focused blogs, has one for Azeroth(WoW)
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Response by poster: Thanks for all the replies so far. These are all pretty cool.
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I second Terra Nova.
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Self Link Alert
I recently started up a blog on this very subject. I wouldn't say it's up to the standards of the more established mmo developer blogs, but I'm working on it.
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Second Life. Can't recommend it highly enough.
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