Recommend some good daily blogs.
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Who is on your A-list? I'm looking for something new to read -- what are your favorite, visit-every-day-for-sure blogs?
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Currently MIA, but worth reading the archives... Bobby Burgess. (Though a journal, not a blog.)
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As the years wear on, the distinction between weblog and journal grows more and more blurry, if it ever was terribly clear to begin with. Most of my favorites seem to be a little bit of both.

I obsessively reload mimi, and rarely go a day without checking up on Matthew and Skot, all of whom are funny in different ways. I just plain old like jsja, who is just about the most decent guy I have ever exchanged mail with.

Alterslash makes Slashdot tolerable, so I stop in at least once a day. Daze Reader should not be missed, though it is of fairly narrow focus. Plurp is a bit of a one-note wonder, but I do like the way his mind works. Give him a chicken for me if you stop by.
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Hildago, Kafkaesque, and, recently, WULAD
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waxy's links
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Oh, and Mighty Girl, duh.
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I find myself drawn toward two classes of weblogs: weblogs which link to interesting things (such as scrubbles and Bifurcated Rivets), and those which are well-written personal journals (such as I, Asshole!, which also happens to be very funny). My favorite new weblog is sennoma's Malice Aforethought, which has a good mix of local Portland stuff and heady intellectual stuff.

Other favorite visits: the aforementioned Defective Yeti and Izzle Pfaff, the obscure Baraita, Nicole Lindroos' Discolor Online, and Mr. Haughey's Ten Years of My Life. I also spend a lot of time randomly checking out weblogs on OrBlogs, a directory of Oregon-based weblogs.

I really need to learn to use an RSS-reader. I have about three dozen weblogs I visit daily — often more than once — in an effort to scout for new content.
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im currently reading:

paris to the moon - by gopnick


terror in the name of god - by stern ...

both excellent.

jd - please send your daily read list if you are in a sharing mood :)
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Aaron Gleeman
Ed Cone
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oops. i missed the blog part of the initial thread... well, if the power goes out a couple excellent books to dig into.
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There's a whole bunch of good stuff written by MeFi members if you care to dig for it, though most of us are too modest to self-link.
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Here are my favorites at that I check on hourly.
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Also, let us not forget that Misterpants is back in action and worth every penny! Equally justifying a regular visit is Cardhouse, but I'm sure everyone knows that already.

Pigdog Journal is a sort of magazine-ish thing put out by a handful of cranks, curmudgeons, nutcases, and former Hollow/SDLB/RoR/RatHead folks. Maybe that's not much of a recommendation, but it's entertainment in a flaming car wreck sort of way.
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I second majick's recommendation of Plurp. Also (which you would find on your own anyway if you read enough Plurp, as there's a fair bit of crosslinking between these two) The Curvature of the Earth is Overwhelmed by Local Noise.
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My favorites. (Nice trick, Matt.)
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dong resin's joint. you'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll sometimes run screaming from the room.
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Again, far more comic than blog, but still awesome - Buttercup Festival. (Recently found via another of my favorite comics, Cat and Girl.)
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Some of the non-language-oriented ones:
the heart of things
Long story; short pier
the cassandra pages
Pepys' Diary
(the last not exactly a blog—it's daily entries, with reader comments—but better reading than most)
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fury & hunkabutta
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I second Dooce and would also recommend Que Sera Sera. Jellyfish is beautifully written, but she hardly ever updates anymore. I'd also recommend the blogs on Weirdsmobile — a good mix of personalities going on there (in particular, Dear God Damn Diary).

For MeFi members, I'd second the recommendation of dong_resin and add in kafkaesque and fishfucker (though, fish, you really need to update more often). They are a triumverate of inzanity.
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And the aforementioned Dooce.
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Here are all the links in "blogs" folder: EverythingNY [Or at least anything that seems interesting at the time], Gawker [NYC gossip], Gothamist [Areas of focus include media, technology, and New York], NYC Coffee - MeFi [Guide to good coffee in NYC], SliceNY [It's about pizza. New York-style, that is], Acts of Volition [Steven Garrity's blog], A List Apart [Web design news, info, and insights since 1995.], Anil Dash [New York New Media New Funk], Antipixel [a deliberate pouring from empty into void], A Whole Lotta Nothing [Matt Haughey's blog], BlogRoots [Community blog about blogging], Bluejake [Bluejake is the personal website of Jake Dobkin, a 27 year-old technologist living in New York City.], Boing Boing Blog [The Blog of Wonderful things], bottom dwelling [dot] com [eyeballkid's website], Clagnut [Root through a heap of web design & development stuff and a few other tasty morsels.], coda.coza [South African designer], Daring Fireball [Macintosh punditry and curmudgeonry.], [The home page of Paul Sowden], dive into mark [Mark Pilgrim's blog], Dunstan's blog [Just a personal blog], [stavrosthewonderchicken's blog], everlasting blort [quonsar's site, need I say more?], [Semantic blog], GearBits [Tech. Culture. Ideas.], Gizmodo [The gadgets weblog], Greg Knauss' site [Very funny and smart man], [A weblog discussing technical aspects of news Web sites], if (dot) only (dot) org [holgate's site], Jeffrey Veen [Veen's blog], Jeffrey Zeldman Presents: The Daily Report [Zeldman's blog], [Jason Kottke's weblog, home of fine hypertext products], Lance Arthur [Still on the path to world domination.], megnut [Meg's blog], [Things that Eric A. Meyer, CSS expert], mezzoblue [design, typography, and the web as seen by one guy in vancouver, b.c., canada], [Website/weblog/photolog of Milo Vermeulen], MoCoLoco [modern contemporary design], mpt [Opinions on Mozilla, human interface design, and Free Software in general], 'Nika's Journal [Melinika's journal], [Weblog Free to the Public], photo matt [The thoughts, pictures, music, and code of Matthew Mullenweg.], PVRblog [How-to articles, News, and Reviews of all things TiVo, ReplayTV and Digital Video Recorder.], Q Daily News [random ramblings from a geek doctor], random($foo) [leonard lin's personal blog. semi-daily to daily ramblings on the web.], SIGNAL VS. NOISE [37 Signal's blog], Simon Willison's Weblog [PHP, XML, CSS and general web development], SimpleBits [Dan Cederholm's stuff], splorp . blog [Splorp is the is sound of scooping lasagna. Now served daily with a side of random batherings.], SportsFilter [Community blog about sports], stating the obvious [Michael Sippey's essays], Stopdesign [A collection of creative work and thinking capturing my view as a designer and world problem solver.], stynxno's blog [Ironman fetishist], sylloge [Keeps moving around], ten years of my life [Matt Haughey's daily photo site, run for ten years of his life.], Textism [Three Quarks for Muster Mark], [Groping rude ogres utilitzes persistence.], The Calm Dreariness [Jamie's site about a bunch of stuff that happens], The Fix [jimbob's blog], [this is aaronland] ["my pants are crankier than yours"], this is [a weblog is often a reflection of its writer.], [Andre Torrez' site], Total Viscosity Breakdown [mr_crash_davis' blog], v-2 Organisation [Adam Greenfield's site], waferbaby [Daniel Bogan's playground], [Andy Baio lives here], webgraphics [WebGraphics is a daily compilation of hypertext design resources, links, commentary and notes.], Weblog about Markup & Style [Anne van Kesteren's site], What Do I Know [The daily dish of Dominey Design.]
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Lotsa good stuff here.

I'll just mention that if you aren't already using an RSS reader (I like NetNewsWire Lite for the Mac, I hear Feed Demon is good for Windows), try one out: it'll let you keep track of a lot more information much more efficiently.
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Thanks for the inclusion riffy. Fine company indeed. : clinging to the a-list by my fucking fingernails.

I see little mention of some of my faves, people that I consider part of my little subtribe, but then, most of them seem to be on hiatus at the moment. And I don't really read much in the way of blogs these days. Nonetheless, I'll put together a list later today of a few I recommend that may not have appeared here yet.
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Belle de Jour, diary of a London call girl.
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cat riffolaslist.html >> mylinks.html

This is going to be a good little askme thread, this one.
Can I suggest some Australian blogs? Virulent Memes is pretty well known, but I can't stop reading it every single day. /dev/null is another fave. If you insist on political content in your weblogs, Kick and Scream is a new fave, as well.
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Nobody's mentioned Teresa Nielsen Hayden yet? I'm surprised.
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More a journal than a blog, but one of my current favorites is Novel Gazing. I'm also fond of jessamyn's abada abada
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What, no Atrios? Where's the love, people?
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Ober Dicta generally has great links that don't show up in any of the other places I frequent.

Hunkabutta has a stupid name but is just great photography and truly interesting entries. Very personal and honest. Has an annoying community that give the guy shit all the time in the comments, but that's part of the fun.

Ftrain is just all-around well written, superb site design. Entries occasionally hit and miss, especially lately since he's been busy.

The first two blogs I go to every day are Defective Yeti and My Life as an American Gladiator, but everybody knows about the truth of those sites being awesome already, so basically this is redundant.

Of the like 15 blogs I read, all but a couple are from members of this site. My advice would be to just click on the name of someone whose comments you find interesting. Chances are they've got a blog.
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what? what?! i didn't say i agreed with him!

also, i second dooce. now that's a woman!
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one of the following is not a blog at all. can you spot the imposter?

a) absolute piffle
b) funnel cake
c) presurfer
d) riley dog
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Rambling Monologues and Degrouchyowl.
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tony pierce
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academia: Invisible Adjunct
military: Sgt. Stryker
clergy: Real Live Preacher
game design: Games * Design * Art * Culture
international fugitive: Flight Risk
quitter: The Single Bitter Announcement Weblog

Sometimes I like reading things from people in different walks of life.
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I read who killed flipper?
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Note to self: bookmark this thread.
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A selection from my blogroll:

Roman Lily;
The Bemusement Park;
Pop Culture Junk Mail;
Cockeyed Absurdist;
The Evil Twin Theory;
twinkle twinkle blah blah blah etc.;
and of course Everlasting Blort.

(and hey, thanks for the mention, Matt.)
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