Help me install a p2p client
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I'm trying to install a p2p client. [more inside]

I'm running Mac OS X, downloaded MacPhex (it's Open Source!), but can't get the damn thing to connect with other servers.

I don't have a lot of experience with networking issues, and am running a software firewall, configured pretty much automatically. If there's an easier, better, neater client, I'd appreciate the advice.
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Best answer: I'm pretty happy with mlmac--it connects to soulseek, edonkey, fasttrack, and directconnect (maybe more).
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I'd second the mlmac recommendation and add acqlite and Poisoned.

A program which is frequently overlooked because it is not a p2p app is Bluebeard, which downloads binaries from newsgroups. It's basic and a bit kludgy (like, you have to hold the update button down for a second to get it to start updating news lists), you can only download what other people have recently posted to Usenet, and it requires that you have Usenet access, but when you do find something you like, the download success rate is around 99%. And, since your Usenet is usually provided by your local service provider, your download speeds should be about as fast as your network connection can handle.

Within my experience, most problems with p2p clients are on the user or LAN end. Some work better (or at all) if you are not behind NAT or a firewall, whether it be a local firewall (such as that built in to Mac OS X and WinXP) or a network firewall. In addition, many networks or other p2p clients on those networks will check to see if you are sharing files. If you are not sharing files, many of them will not permit you to download.
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Response by poster: Thanks a lot, folks! I got everything figured out!
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