Could someone quickly list the end user features of Mozilla that are not available in Safari?
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Pursuant to this specific example, could someone quickly list the end user features of Mozilla that are not available in Safari? (Note that I specify end user features; I don't necessarily see the ability to create my own user interface from scatch using XML as a "feature"...)
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Actually, the extensibility of the user interface is an end user feature. To my understanding, Safari doesn't have anything approaching the huge variety of extensions or the generous helping of themes.
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Here's how I setup firebird:

firebird has a custom skin, html sidebars I use for bookmarks and new blogs and metafilter, I have several extensions loaded including the click to play flash one, I've got popups blocked, I have disabled the ability to open new windows from target attributes of links, and I've got animations set to stop after one revolution (nothing blinks in my world).

I think there's a hack to do the "click to view flash" thing on safari, but I would love to disable both new window spanning and animations in safari, and it'd be nice if there were side panel things that could run custom html (as mentioned in that other thread).
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safari doesn't let you easily view alternate stylesheets, or make you aware that they exist. also safari doesn't recognize the <link rel="next", "prev" etc. which is nice.
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Safari does not do type-ahead without the Saft third-party add-on.

Safari does not do keyword searching from the location bar without Saft or the Sogudi plugins. The Sogudi implementation works better than the Saft version.

Matt, Saft also allows you to force all new windows to open in a new tab, instead of a new window.

Safari does not allow you to set proxies independent of the entire system.

Safari does not allow you to have tab groups in the bookmarks menu. They can only be launched from the bookmarks bar.

Safari does not allow you to stop the Download manager from appearing.

Safari does not allow you to pick a directory when choosing "Download image to disk" from a contextual menu.
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As far as I know, Safari neither allows you to block images from specific sites (, etc.) nor allow all images from specific sites (, etc.) I'm not sure whether it supports "Show images only from the originating server", which makes the aforementioned features incredibly useful for disabling banner ads, 1-pixel GIFs used by tracking services, and so on.
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it does not let you specify from which servers images are loaded from, like originating server, or let you block some servers. it does let you load cookies only from navigated sites.

slightly off topic, but mac people are sorta excited about OmniWeb 5, it's got some neat features, like site preferences, which lets you select things like download location, user agent, and font size, on a per site basis
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