Xvid movies shake due to software problem; what can I do?
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Some of my XVid movies shake when I play them, regardless of the player used. This does not happen with all XVid movies, and GSpot says they have no errors.

Also, they do not shake when I play them in my DVD player, so it's something software-related. Other than uninstalling my codecs and re-installing them, have you got any suggestions? Thanks!
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Two things. First, grab the defiler pack here, which is the uber codec pack. If that doesn't work, that its not a codec issue. Second, move your monitor around. Its possible that you're getting in some interferance. Change your monitor's display rate around, see if that effects anything.

That's all I can think of, really.
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I would try uninstalling your codecs and then trying various configurations of other codec packs, such as this one: Nimo pack

Also, I am very curious - what kind of DVD player do you have that can play XVid movies??
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I had this same problem on a a file that i had watched prior and definitely wasn't doing this the first time.

Specifically, the only thing that shook was anything that was in motion inthe picture. The background was sharp and rock solid (This will make a great sfx for a music video, i thought at the time)

Anyways, I always like to use my uber codec pack the K-Lite codec pack which also comes with the niftiest free video player, BPlayer. Search google for K-Lite video pack and grab the full version on anyone of dozens of mirrors)

To answer your question, the version number on the codec pack l had, had changed, and when I uninstalled/re-installed with the later version, the prob was fixed.
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Also, I am very curious - what kind of DVD player do you have that can play XVid movies??

Maestro DVX-1201
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Fixed it, thanks for all your comments!
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Try changing your screen resolution and/or the colour depth used by your PC.
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ffdshow is a great multi-codec replacement for those who like to fiddle.
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