How to store and browse my bookmarks?
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Anyone have any suggestions for a quick and versatile way to bookmarks/favorites in a multi-faceted, customizable database? I've got hundreds upon hundreds of bookmarks of "Nice Websites" that I use for inspiration and ideas, but they've grown to the point that I can no longer maintain them with just the browser. I want to be able to browse by color, style, layout, etc. Any suggestions?
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Response by poster: Thanks Aaorn. I think I'm looking for something more multi-faceted, though. The problem isn't the quantity or portability, but rather that I can only categorize them according to a single line of categories.

What I'm really looking for is something that would let me categorize bookmarks according to multiple customizable criteria, so I query the database with things like "Show me all the sites that are CSS-based, light on images, and use a lot of blues."
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There are a number of directory manager applications that run on the server side. My favorite for a long time was Links 2 from Gossamer Threads. It is still free for non-profit and individual use.

I have also been looking at ol'bookmarks, which is also server-side and a very interesting bookmark manager.
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Do you want this app to do the metadata creation itself? Or are you going to enter all the categories for each bookmark?
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Response by poster: I'd be more than happy to enter all the info, set up the categories, etc., I just need to find something that will manage them effectively (and with minimal effort, since I find several a day and don't want to spend several minutes entering each one).

I could develop a database solution myself, but I'd rather see if there's anything existing first.

tranquileye, I had considered a Yahoo-style categorization system, but I wondered if that was just adding more overhead, since it would be essentially the same as adding the same favorite several times.

To reiterate, I'm not just looking for a way to manage the links in a standard hierarchy, but rather I'm trying to figure out how to organize them with, say, a half-dozen different searchable criteria (metadata, multiple facets, etc.)
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This list is fairly old since it includes Blink, but some of these may still survive. Anyone else remember Blink?
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Response by poster: Thanks mischief, but I had already gone through all of those and could find anything that matched what I'm asking about (searching along multiple criteria).
posted by oissubke at 10:42 AM on December 30, 2003 has exactly what you want. I've used this for years and it is the coolest thing ever.
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