Quality over quantity - what's your favorite website to visit every day?
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What is the one website that you visit every day; that you can't live without?

I get overwhelmed by Google Reader - the blurbs are impersonal, incomplete, and repetitive. I want to go completely in the other direction and just have a handful of high-quality sites to visit every day. E.g. one high-quality tech news site, one awesome current events site, etc.

Any subject/genre - what is the one website that you get the most out of visiting each day?
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anything gawker, gawker, jezebel, gizmodo, and lifehacker (not in any particular order)
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Ars Technica for technology news and reviews. They've been the best for 10+ years and are going stronger than ever, IMO.
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Something Awful forums.
Live Journal.
Seattle Times and PI newspaper sites.
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Metafilter (blue, green, gray) and Google News.

My local newspaper, but that's just to keep up with the local news...

--Language Log.
--Talking Points Memo for politics, since it's election season. (And FiveThirtyEight, but I'm annoyed that the NYT wants to charge me if I read too much, so mostly I don't check as often as I might otherwise.)
--Daring Fireball.
--Chronicle of Higher Education (I check in every week or so, not daily)

(but honestly? Mostly metafilter, despite that I don't post much.)
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Ravelry, but I'm a knitter/crocheter/spinner/etc.
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videogum -for the best of youtube, and pop culture stuff
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What do I actually read on my Google Reader?

English Russia
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Daily Mail
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I was just thinking of asking something like this.

Slyck.com is great for tech news
consumerist is great to check after a weeks worth of posts build up.
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Aside from the blue, gray and green, and email and tons of news sites? MetaChat and Health Month and my iGoogle page.
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Besides this site, I look at FailBlog to get a laugh when I need one....
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I actually love Flipboard's topic feeds for this reason, because it seems to help curate the best-of types of blogs and recommends ones I might not have found otherwise.
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When I first get on the Internet, in order:

Reddit / my interest
Various personal blogs
Hair forum (which has subforums for skin/etc.)
Youtube for meditations / self improvement video
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I check my twitter feed to see if any good links are posted
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My Twitter is my current number one, or perhaps Facebook, especially now that Facebook acts as a catchall for sites I follow like...

Arts Letters Daily, The Browser and 3quarksdaily - for longreads
Joystiq, The Verge and Engadget - for tech crap

Try out Popurls, it's great for a quick fix. And if you want to replace/upgrade your Google reader, you should definitely try Feedly out. Superb
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Boing Boing
AV Club
Daily Dish
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First thing every day? Metafilter and the BBC News world website, followed by the Guardian and my customised Google News feed.
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kottke.org never disappoints
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Goodreads. It satisfies my compulsion to browse books with less risk of impulse buy, or of running into someone I know and having to have a conversation at the library. :)
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- Local news sites
- Grantland
- MakeUseOf
- Marcus Bachmann's Gayness (it's a Facebook page)
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Well, my e-mail is through gmail.com so if it is only one answer, that is it.

www.boardgamegeek.com, www.rpggeek.com
, also ask and talk.
www.nytimes.com front page as I don't want to pay $20/month for it.

Used to include fivethirtyeight.com but they moved onto nytimes and then behind the paywall.
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Since we can only have one, I offer my guilty pleasure: gofugyourself
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The Globe and Mail
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Popurls is fantastic. It gives you a clean simple interface to access the content you want to see on one page from many sources . I highly recommend it.
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Rock, Paper, Shotgun
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Apart from this one:
Astronomy Pic of the Day
Earth Sciences Pic of the Day
Atmospheric Optics Pic of the Day
The Irish Times (covers most of the territory that the UK dailies do but has a less OMG CATASTROPHE! tone)
BBC News
... in about that order.
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I can live just fine without visiting any sites at all.

But I generally rely on BBC News to keep me up to speed with what's happening in the world. They have subsites for Tech and Soccer where I expect to get a heads up of anything really major, without having to wade through too much that isn't of interest.
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I've been an advice column junkie from when I was small and read Dear Abby every day. So one site I can't live without would be ask.metafilter.com . Best $5 I've ever spent. And that includes the Blue and MetaTalk, too!

But listing only one site makes me seem very one-dimensional. So here are the other 4 I visit daily...

DrudgeReport for my news aggregation. Yes, there's spin, but combined with the Blue here, it's a good and fast-loading visual roundup.
Nobody beats TMZ for celebrity news.
My local newspaper's website.
And weather.com.
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Then I usually stick to my Google Reader and twitter.
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Gizmodo (even though lately it sucks)
Yahoo (begrudgingly)
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NY Times, Huffington Post, Salon, Slate.
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Like so many others, I don't think I can pick just one, but after the various metafilter sites, I most consistently at least look at longform.org and I like csmonitor.com for the way they report news. For thought provocation and news that's sometimes relevant to my work and general interests, I have a fascination with Retraction Watch.
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Sites I check several times a day, almost through muscle memory, even though I was just there an hour ago:

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Twitter. There are so many interesting and hilarious people to follow, it never ceases to be a source of entertainment.
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everlastingblort.com. They have an extensive collection of contributors, who are all listed below the dancing banana. Above the dancing banana, you will only click once.
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Tom & Lorenzo. Especially for the recaps.
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Ugh. iPad bork. Tom & Lorenzo.
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Metafilter, Reddit, sometimes Pinterest.
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Metafilter/Ask Metafilter
Daily Kos
Media Matters for America
Indiana Daily Student (I like to keep up with my alma mater)
Chicago Tribune
Television Without Pity

...among others.
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The Mefi side blog is a nice condensed awesome mefi comments feed.

Lifehacker has highlight feeds. One post a week covering the highlights. But I guess i stopped subscribing around the time that they did that goofy redesign that firefox hates.
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Metafilter, Facebook, Twitter.

The latter two aren't really for keeping "in touch" with people. I have lots of friends who pretty much just use status updates as a link blog like I do.

Twitter is actually more suited to that, or rather, facebook is kind of bloated if all you want to do is share links. I have friends there that don't do twitter though, so I keep it. I keep friend lists so I can with a click, only see the interesting stuff, and not the fwd:fwd:fwd:LOL! passed-around picture of the day yet again.
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Came back in the add FlyerTalk.
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I think you'd enjoy Longreads if you're into quality over quantity.
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MetaTalk and MetaChat.
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No absolutely essential ones but I check reddit most days mainly because interesting internet-style stuff breaks there first, most of the time. Mefi generally catches up between a day and a week later. :-)
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It's hard for me to pick one, but out of all of them I would have to go with Zite - it's an app, but its recommendations are fantastic, and pretty much how I read everything now. As a consequence, I end up on Slate, Salon, NYT, random blogs, pretty much anywhere online with my interests. It's amazing how much fresh content it can pull that suits me so well.

I'm going to cheat a bit by adding a second site, but I really like AppShopper as an RSS feed to get news of iOS apps that have had price drops. Sometimes a hidden gem will pop up and it's a nice surprise. (I'm not a cheapskate, I promise...)

In the interest of avoiding an Apple device bias, I also check Reddit (Reddit.tv and Reddpics.com) and Tumblr more than I should.
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Youtube, askmetafilter, and Gmail
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All the mefi sites, pinterest, facebook
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Google News / GMail
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Unequivocally, Lifehacker and BBC News. The only things I read daily.
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I go to three places regularly, everyday and then... maybe... to others (if they're linked in those three places)

Facebook (don't judge! my friends are interesting and long distance)
ask.metafilte & metatalk (I consider this one site)
and my google reader where I read all of my web comics and news.
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google news
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I usually find myself checking in on Jezebel or Gawker.
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Wonkette for snarky left-leaning political news.
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I'm surprised noone's mentioned instructables.com
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