How do you store mixed-media research content?
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With the rise of single-format sharing sites (eg. Youtube and Vimeo for video, Pinterest and Flickr for photos), how do you consolidate assets from multiple sources in a single "project"?

I'm a photographer (among other things), and constantly seeing inspiring photos on Pinterest and Flickr, watching videos on specific techniques on Youtube, and even watching ad banners for ideas that I can re-use in future projects. I'm struggling to come up with a system of keeping track of all these things.

Currently I use Evernote for general note taking, and storing the occasional picture. I have dropbox for file sharing, and keep a folder structure with photo ideas. I'm totally stumped on the video side of things.

What do you do?
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Best answer: Tumblr.
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You can pin videos to Pinterest.
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Tumblr is what all the hip kids are using, but I'm old-school. I use a bookmarking service (Delicious, or Pinboard) to bookmark things. Careful tagging means I can retrieve individual items or scan a group of tagged items. Works well for me.
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i also use Pinterest, also for videos + photos.
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Personal blog.
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Stored locally in DevonThink Pro Office as a web archive. Because three years from now, that Youtube clip might not be there, so bookmarking it or pinning it somewhere or whatever doesn't matter. All you know is you used to find something interesting but no way of telling what it is. DTPO does tagging, but I don't bother, the AI search (plus basic folders) is more than enough for me.
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You can download videos from YouTube, Vimeo etc. using an utility such as JDownloader. Note that YouTube's TOS forbids it (5.1C & H), so it's up to your ethical boundaries.
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Tumblr with tagging.
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Pocket supports visual bookmarking across media types, and is good when you've got a lot of video to manage within your research.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the suggestions. I've settled on Tumblr, and it's working well so far!
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