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Sometimes, I find myself reading a long webpage over a period of weeks or months. Usually this is a manual or online textbook . When I return to the page after a couple of days it can be difficult to remember exactly where my previous focus was. I'm looking for a simple, easy to use, online service that helps me pick up where I left off.

What I am looking for is some kind of marker that I can leave at a particular point on a page that appears automatically when I go back to that page. I'm guessing that this would be implemented as a browser plug in. Ideally it would not be tied to a specific machine as I might be using my desktop computer one day and then pick up later using my phone.

The minimal functionality that I am looking for is :

Easy to create.
Easy to scroll to.
Easy to move.

Have any of you used and been happy with anything like this?

If it makes any difference, I generally use the Chrome browser both on my phone and desktop. Something that worked only on Chrome would be OK.
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Instapaper will do this, but only for actual text, i.e. it doesn't work with image-based PDFs etc.

It's also slightly inconsistent about whether it displays images in articles, if that's a dealbreaker. But it does keep place, as long as you return to the list view in the iOS device versions (this causes your position to be saved).

I've used it for years and it's a great app/site combo.
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the other great thing about Instapaper is it can be configured to send articles straight to an external e-reader... which in turn will always remember where you left off reading an article. :-)
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I use Pocket for this.
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Pocket (get pocket) does this too - similar service to Instapaper. Not sure how it handles PDF's, occasionally may have difficulty recognising a blog post but it's been awhile since I had this issue.

Adobe Reader I believe allows "comments" or similar for PDF's - check the tools functions.
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