Massive Attack's song Teardrop - in a movie or TV ad?
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I know I've heard Massive Attack's song Teardrop in some movie (or a TV ad maybe?), but I can for the life of me remember or find (via Google) where. Any clues?
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I recall an advertisement for a car with that song. The ad featured a pod of dolphins leaping out of the road in front of speeding car, as if the car was a boat and the road was the ocean. I think Teardrop played in background.

Searching for 'teardrop dolphin' only brings up pages of mawkish poetry, unfortunately. HTH!
posted by malpractice at 4:28 PM on December 21, 2003

It was at the end of that l33t Romeo & Juliet animation...
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Response by poster: emyd, that's where I heard it! Thank you very much, it was driving me nuts! Ask Metafilter, again, solves all. ; )
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Also of note: Massive Attack's Dissolved Girl is the song playing in the first matrix as neo is waking up... not sure which time exactly... I need to see it again. The song isn't on the first matrix's soundtrack so it took me a while to figure that one out.
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