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Does anyone know how to fix a floppy car sun visor?

The horizontal section of the tubular L-shaped mounting bracket is very loose in the socket on the side of the visor, and so the thing always hangs down. I've thought of: (a) double sided velcro between the visor and the roof; (b) duct-taping it permanently in an up position (it's on the passenger side); (c) getting a new/second hand one; and (d) removing it. I've also googled. Due to lack of time and money I'm currently on 'd,' and it's under the front passenger seat. I would like to fix it though. The previous owner had tried to build out the horizontal part of the mounting bracket with electrical tape, before jamming this back into the visor, but this was a failure, as the electrical tape had worn smooth. Any ideas, y'all? Thanks!
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I have the exact same problem (well, my mom does, I don't have a car). A dental floss box (plastic thingy) wedged between the side of the interior and the visor has worked for over 4 years. It only falls down if you go over a really hard bump.
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What make/model/year car are we talking about? If it's a common one you could probably get one for a couple bucks at a "u-pick-it" type junkyard.
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Response by poster: It's a 91 Subaru Legacy ... I'll try breakers first - and then the floss box!
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Had the same problem w/ my 94 impreza & used velcro to solve it.
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