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Trip Hop (or downtempo or whatever): I love Tricky, Massive Attack, Hooverphonic, Portishead, Laika, Lamb, Sneaker Pimps, Martina, etc. What other, new acts have a similar sort of dark, humid and metallic aftertaste?
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i don't know about new, but i've got morcheeba and supreme beings of leisure in my portishead/sneaker pimps/massive attack play list.

i've also got miranda sex garden, amethystium, gropius, battery and ivoux in a similar group on my player.

the most recent blonde redhead album is in this vein, but i found it grating and unpleasant.
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You might like some Kruder & Dorfmeister, Zero 7, Thievery Corporation, The Cinematic Orchestra, Herbaliser, Funkstörung, and my current favourite: Nils Petter Molvaer "Recoloured - The Remix Album" (it's technically the normally-evil "fusion jazz", but it's really trip-hop/downtempo) - his "Khmer" album is also fabulous.
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scala (formed from the ashes of seefeel) is perfect for you. compass heart is their best album, but beauty nowhere and to you in alpha are also very good. and the lips and heaven ep is excellent too.
scorn's zander, gyral, and maybe even amnesis (maybe avoid their earlier stuff like vae solis and colossus - i love it, but it's very dark indeed - and noisy)
meat beat manifesto - possibly a bit obvious.
techno animal and related projects, like ice, the sidewinder, and if you're feeling really brave, god. possibly straying too far into the dark and frightening world of extreme noise with god, but still...
bowery electric

none of these are really new, but they might be to you!
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land of the loops, solex, squarepusher
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*sniff*... alas, seefeel... we hardly knew ye...
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forgot to mention sneakster. classically trained female vocals over the top of spidery, baroque, scritchy scratchy electronica.
and SO - markus popp from oval's new project, which takes distorted japanese female vocals and buries them under sheets of sludgy, crackling electronic detritus. their one album so far is also called SO.
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Any of the albums by Laika.
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A caveat: my suggestions are really not metallic (must read questions more thoroughly in future). But I will strongly recommend any and all Sneaker Pimps remixes you can find, they're almost uniformly great. You might like Curve as well.
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I'm not sure what you mean by "metallic aftertaste".

Blue States
The Dining Rooms
The Merkin Dream
Casino Vs. Japan
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curve is one of my very favorite bands ever and they mix well with portishead, i think.

you might also look into finding remixes, generally. tricky's done some of bjork and garbage which are good.
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You might get some ideas by listening to the "Beat Blender" stream at Soma FM.
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David Thomas and Two Pale Boys isn't really related to trip hop/downtempo at all (but really, Squarepusher?), but does have a kind of dark and humid sound—not metallic so much as a noir feel.

Also, they aren't new (though they do have a new album).
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curve is one of my very favorite bands ever and they mix well with portishead, i think.

Mine too. Nice and dark, but still groovy.

If you can find it, "Rebirth of Cool Phive" (on the 4th & Broadway label) is probably an ideal album for you, signal, it's a bunch of remixes and original tracks, all downtempo/trip-hop/electronica, and it might give you a "shopping list" of bands you might like. It's one of my favourite albums, but it can be difficult to find.
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alpha and gus gus fall in that category (though neither are "new").

I'll also second checking out Kruder and Dorfmeister, especially The K&D Sessions, one of my desert island albums.
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Some of these have already been mentioned:

Air, Moon Safari (Can't believe no one's mentioned it yet!!)
Morcheeba, Big Calm
Thievery Corporation, Mirror Conspiracy
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I'll second The Dining Rooms.
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I'd suggest "Tempermental" by Everything But the Girl. The lead singer on EBTG is the vocalist on "protection" by Massive Attack, and after the success of that track they tried to move in that direction. Tempermental is more slick and less dark than Protection, but you might like it.

You might also check out DJ Krush, maybe "Zen". I think it's kind of in the same vein.

Both of these albums are old. I haven't found new stuff in the same vein as what you describe.
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Hey, you know what? I do know a good, new trip-hop album. Sweet Shadows by Daughter Darling.
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I might also suggest Rae & Christian, Smith & Mighty, Soma, Emma's Mini, Jazzanova, Kyoto Jazz Massive, United Future Organization, St. Germain and just about anything on the K7! and Ninjatune labels.
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Madredeus's "Electronico" album.

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Frou Frou - they only have one album, called "Details," but it's quite good.
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Hard to find because they're from Portland, they're unsigned, and they're very, very local, but see if you can get a Dahlia CD from cdbaby or somewhere. Both of the CDs they have out (Vases is the newer, Emotion Cycles is a few years old) are awesome.

For those who live in Portland or nearby, they're playing for the first time in ages at the Ohm this Friday night. Jen and Keith will go on at about 11. They're playing at Tonic Lounge in Seattle, IIRC, on Saturday night. I realize that doesn't help you, Signal, but it might introduce a PNW'er to my favorite duo...!
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You say you love Hooverphonic, but make sure you get all of their albums. There's not a weak one in the pile (some fans didn't like Jackie Cane to start with, granted). Their latest album, Sit Down And Listen To Hooverphonic, a live album, is just amazing, and you get to hear those old trip hop tunes redone in a weird jazzy downtempo way. It's great to hear Geike singing 2Wicky rather than the dull singer they had for their first (though most trip-hoppy) album.

Anyway, Red Snapper are another good band to try out in a similar genre. They're not too obscure, so you should be able to find some of their stuff easily enough. It might be a bit uptempo for your tastes, though I'd still lump it as trip-hop. They're a bit like the more cheerful bits of Lamb. Some tracks worth checking out would be.. Crease, Image of You, and Heavy Petting (which was a hit, and the most uptempo of their stuff).

Also, Mono are another band in the trip-hop genre to check out. They're probably more famous than Red Snapper even. Try 'Life of Mono', it's been used in a bunch of car commercials.. and 'Slimcea Girl' is nice if you wanna hear what Bert Baccarach Does Trip Hop sounds like.
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Oh, and I'll second crush's Supreme Beings of Leisure recommendation too while I'm at it. Also consider.. The Gotan Project, which moves into the realms of tango, Zero 7 (also mentioned above), and, well, you might eventually end up drifting onto things like The Cinematic Orchestra and Amon Tobin. I did.
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I second Mono, the Supreme beings of leisure, Goldfrapp (particularly "Black Cherry") and might add Mum and Mandalay.

Also track down "Music to make love to your lady by" by Lovage, something of a supergroup for a one-off album.

To go out on a long limb, check out Fluke's "Risotto".
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Response by poster: Ok, great stuff everybody, you made my day (and screwed my workday at the same time).
DLed a bunch of stuff. Loving Seefeel and Rebirth of Cool Phive, so far. Supreme Beings is a bit too soulful for me, I like my music a little drier, more cerebral.
Keep 'em coming, this is definitely going in my bookmarks.
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that lovage album is spectacular. jennifer charles, who sang for it, also sings for elysian fields (and is a total babe) which while not at all trip-hoppy is definitely dark and humid (particularly queen of the meadow).
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You might also like Wasted, which also isn't new, but is good (also a compilation).
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Ditto on Curve... I love 'em. Also, on the fringes of that, but shading more into shoegaze, you might want to check out Slowdive.
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The Kid Loco 'DJ Kicks' album is pretty much in this vein. (And pretty good, besides.)
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if you find yourself digging the ninjatune nu jazz vibe, check out skalpel who have a self-titled out.
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For instrumental stuff: DJ Shadow, Kruder & Dorfmeister (specifically their G-Stoned EP, which is their only non-remix CD), and Tosca's first two albums.
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Incidentally as long as we're talking about Mono and Hooverphonic in the same breath - Silicon by Mono and 2Wicky by Hooverphonic use the same sample of the beat from Isaac Hayes' version of "Walk on By." Just saying.
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Oh, and I still can't emphasize Tosca enough - their Suzuki album IMO should be regarded as one of the classics of history, alongside Sgt. Pepper's, OK Computer etc. Download DJ Shadow's "Midnight in a Perfect World" too, it's not that trip-hoppy but it's very downbeat/spacey and it's definitely in that area.
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Oh, oh, oh, and listen to Poe (specifically the song Fingertips for a start) for a surprisingly natural mainstream poppy but not tacky version of trip-hop. She's guy who wrote House of Leaves' sister, whatever his name is.

This is getting to be a lot of posts.
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Actually, Morcheeba has been doing that too for some time, so nevermind.

I swear I'm done ;)
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Oooh, someone just mentioned Amon Tobin. I'll second it before the post runs off the 'Green'. The first song I ever heard of Amon Tobins was Bridge, off of Permutation. Got me hooked. It's not really trip-hop, however he's a damned genius and needs to be mentioned. (er, again.)
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Damned, one more just came to mind. Bent: Programmed to Love has some nice tunes on it (Invisible Pedestrian gets some play, but the singing on Private Road is lovely, as well).
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Iuno is pretty good ... and so is Loquat.
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Pollyanna Frank, Karni Postel if you're interested in music in another language (Hebrew)
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anyone still watching this thread? if you're in chicago, jute (one of the recommendations in this thread) is playing at the abbey pub this sunday (the 26th), $10 at the door. i know it doesn't help the original poster, but i thought someone might be interested.
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oh, and also, you might try collide. particularly chasing the ghost. they get termed "industrial dance" in most record stores, but chasing the ghost is much slower than that.
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