Portishead-like sound
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I'm looking for any relatively new bands/artists that sound like Portishead. Signed or unsigned - any recommendations?
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Atomica sounds a lot like Portishead. They have a self-titled album out on Positron! Records.
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Yossy Little Noise Weaver
is in that realm with maybe a little touch of Bjork
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Switchblade Symphony, Rasputina, and Sunshine Blind all sound like Portishead.
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You probably already know about Massive Attack, Tricky, Lamb, DJ Shadow, and Thievery Corporation, right? They all sound kind of like Portishead IMO but they are all well known. I can't name any less well known bands who sound like Portishead off the top of my head. If any spring to mind I'll be sure to come back and add them.
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Martina Topley-Bird, Trickey's ex girlfriend also has a similar vibe. First learned of her when her song Sandpaper Kisses was featured in Indigo Prophecy.
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Ah. Relatively new. Missed that. Sorry.
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There are a zillion bands that sound like portishead. One good way to find them is to listen to DJ mixes of trip hop/downtempo music. Two suggestions:

(1) Check out the mixes (available for free download!) at thetastates, especially those that feature portishead in the mix (Head In The Clouds; No Ones Around, There's No Need To Fake It; and Chinchillin').

(2) Listen to the "Groove Salad" stream at somafm.
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Ilya is pretty close... they are never mentioned without the "Portishead" comparison.
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Zero 7.
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Tricky, Morcheeba, Beth Orton, some CocoRosie and Massive Attack...
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Sorry, those aren't relatively new...
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The Receivers features the former guitarist for The Dears and are all very good friends of mine. They just finished their album and are shopping it around. I'm a big fan of the Petrograd song myself, but they haven't put up the best ones yet on myspace.
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check out bitter:sweet and mandalay, i also really like psapp, but they are a bit different.

the last.fm similar page might be of some use, although looking through it it's not too many new artists.
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Music-Map can be handy for these kinds of questions. Enter an artist and it presents a cloud of similar sounding performers.

Portishead results.
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The Dining Rooms
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Response by poster: Every answer is better than the next. Thanks.
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Well, we don't use trip-hoppy breakbeats, exactly, we're more of a minimal-electronica-with-vocals sort of unit, but I've been told, on more than one occasion, that we sound something like Portishead. Or we remind people of Portishead. Whatever. Anyway, you can see if you agree...
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I just made a Mix CD for someone based around Portishead and Portishead-like bands:

Nightmares On Wax
Zero 7
Massive Attack
Frou Frou
Thievery Corporation
Sneaker Pimps
Everything But The Girl

And a couple of others that's aren't leaping to mind at the moment ...
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I haven't seen Baxter mentioned. They're not new though.
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Kristin Mainhart.
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Hmm... members of Portishead have been in Rustin Man, The Jimi Entley Sound, and The I Dig according to my contraption / MusicBrainz. (yeah, self-link) Not sure about the sound, since I can't play music right now.
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Check out Gotye (pronounced like Gaultier the designer) he's an up and coming aussie artist, a little like portishead, but really very good... his song "Hearts a mess" has a great new filmclip too.

myspace: www.myspace.com/gotye
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My sounds like Portishead mix includes a lot of those mentioned plus Lamb, Dabrye, Coach Said Not Too, Handsome Boy Modeling School, Teflon Tel Aviv, and Ruby.

I can't guarantee that every song by them sounds like Portishead of course, but some do.
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Crap, most of those aren't really even close to relatively new. Sorry.

Well, the Coach Said Not Too song I have is from the 2006 SXSW site, so I suppose that one's relatively new.
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The album Beth Gibbons did with Rustin' Man (not sure if Paul Webb was in Portishead), Out of Season, sounds Portishead-ish, mainly because she's singing it ... It came out in 2002, so not brand new - but very pretty.
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Lovage is another one that's been compared to Portishead.
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If you're not in a hurry, you can look forward to Portishead's third album.
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Check out CocoRosie. Not quite the same thing, but I get a really similar vibe from them.
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You could always try creating a portishead station on pandora.com to see what you get...
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I love you all.
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Oh, and Smoke City. Thirding Lamb, too.
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Xploding Plastics. Maybe the Cranes, moreso if you count their remix disks.
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way late on this, but My Brightest Diamond.
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