Seeking that peanut butter vibe
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Music Mefites, I need your help seeking a music list. No need for seduction.

Who should I be listening to given the following tunes:

Glass Animals, "Gooey", though the whole album is good, this song is my favorite;
Alt-J, "Fitzpleasure", I dig them in general;
Seal, "Violet" or this version of "Crazy" , in particular the instrumental section, my favorite is his first album;
Arctic Monkeys, "Do I Wanna Know", this song has grown on me;
Sneaker Pimps "6 Underground", Trip Hop, and yes, Portishead is on my player, too;
Alex Clare "Too Close " (I have weakness for kendo), has enough drop to be interesting but not enough to be damaging.

I am open to all sorts of suggestions, except Hozier.
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Kanye West
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Django Django - "Default"
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On my phone and can't find a good link, but have you listened to any Poe? The song Junkie comes to mind.
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Ryan Adams Gimme Something Good
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A Glass Animals song you might have missed (because it's on the Glass Animals EP) is Psylla. I also really enjoyed the Leaflings EP but the songs don't quite have the same feel as those on ZABA.

U.N.K.L.E. - Bloodstain

Lamb - Cotton Wool

The Morcheeba album Who Can You Trust?
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I do believe you should check out the album Nootropics, by Lower Dens. should hit the right buttons for you :-)
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