Techno Radio in Portland?
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My son moved to Portland over a year ago from the SF Bay Area and misses the radio choices we have here, especially for techno. I googled for info but am not sure how current the information I found is. Does anyone have suggestions for techno radio stations in the greater metro Portland/Seattle/Vancouver area? He drives a lot between Portland and Seattle for his work and would appreciate the call sign as well as the number.
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The Portland radio market doesn't have anything like that as far as I know. Pretty much every radio station here is part of Clear Channel or Entercom... neither of whom play much in the way of what you could call 'creative' music.

If he can afford it, I'd reccomend getting Satellite Radio.
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Portland: great beer and so-so radio. Your son might find something he likes left of the dial, but probably only from 9 - 10 p.m. on the third Thursday of each month. I second the Satellite Radio recommendation.
However KEXP (90.3 out of Seattle) is worth investigating (they stream as well).
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Does he have broadband? There are plenty of choices online. Dublab is a nice place to start.
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Anathema - I don't know of many people who get broadband in their cars between Portland and Seattle...
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You people are living in the stone age!
[That's what I get for jumping online at 5 in the morning!]
Nothing to see here, move along.
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KBOO (90.7) is probably the coolest radio station in the country. Also, there is a pirate radio station that plays all drum & bass / electronic beats. It's called the 'Space Station' and the call signal moves around. I remember usually finding it on the extreme low of the FM range.
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If your son is a geek, I'd suggest getting a MP3 playing stereo or ipod with appropriate attachments so he can carry mp3s wherever he drives.

I've got a mp3 playing CD player with a simple 10 disc holding sleeve on my sun visor. That gives me 7Gb of music (10x 700Mb CDRs) on the go.
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Oh. That Portland. This Portland has good radio.
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There's some pirate radio in the Portland metro that's pretty okay, techno-wise.
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Response by poster: Thanks everyone, I appreciate your advice.
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Too bad he lives too far north to get KBVR, Oregon State's station, as we have a multitude of electronic DJs. Anyway, I suggest checking out any other college stations that happened to be situated somewhere along the commute, such as the Portland State station.
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