Looking for a simple divorce solution in PDX area
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Paperwork makes me droolingly stupid. I have taken a stab at doing the divorce paperwork myself, but it always ends up crumpled up on the floor. The parenting plan business (required by Multnomah county) was the easy part. I am looking for someone who will handle the paperwork and filing and just get it done with.

This is a simple affair (we have been apart for over nine years) -- all parties agree that it should be done, and no one owes anyone anything. No shared debt, property or anything, other than the kid, and we are both happy with our time shared with said kid. Said kid is also 17, so it's not like there is much to be contentious over on that account.

I just need someone to help us get the paperwork done, properly, since I appear to be incapable.

Also, trying to avoid the $300/hr of standard attorney fees.

Any recommendations?
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I can't recommend a non-lawyer for a legal question in good conscience. Yes, there are people who fill out forms, and yes, you'll probably be fine with them. Unless you're not, which is why going with a lawyer is a better idea. If you can't afford a lawyer at $300 an hour, may I suggest Oregon State Bar's modest means program?
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Happydaz has the best solution. Contact the Oregon State Bar's Lawyer Referral Service.
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