Finding a wedding officiant on (very) short notice in Portland, OR?
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My fiancé and I have decided to elope. We want to get married on April Fool's day (aka Monday), as we're fools in love. We have a marriage license. What we don't have is an officiant.

I've called all of the judges who do in-chambers weddings and so far they've all been booked, out of town, or not returning voicemails.

Any ideas? Heck, do any of you MeFites happen to be:

- A religious leader who is authorized by a religious congregation/organization.
- A County Clerk.
- An Oregon judge. View a list of Multnomah County judges.
- An active Federal/Military judge.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!
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I'm guessing you already Googled?

I found this as the top hit:

I was also looking into officiants before I decided to do an in-courthouse ceremony and came upon similar results for my area. Hope you find someone! Congrats!
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Best answer: Craigslist has a bunch of officiants listed under services > events. Best wishes!
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A UU minister may have some spare time for you, a nominal fee may be involved.

Also, any friend of yours can be an ordained minister in the Universal Life Church. My Dad did it in the sixties, when he sent away for his ordination for $2 from an ad in the back of Rolling Stone.

He still performs marriages.
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You could have a friend become a Universal Life Minister. It's free, and all they do is fill out a form online. It takes up to 72 hours to get a response, so no guarantee you'd have it by Monday, but you could submit it today and hope.
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Check your memail.
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When mr. epersonae & I got married, we got my BFF to become a Universal Life Minister to do the paperwork; when you fill out the online form it gives you a certificate to print out if you need it. (We didn't.) Super-easy: if it's anything like the WA paperwork, the officiant just needs to put name & title* in the right blank & then sign.

* I sincerely regret talking her out of using "1st Level Cleric" as her title on the form.
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Heya! I'm a registered ULC minister and may be available on Monday; if you want to mefimail me some details, maybe we can figure something out.
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I'm also a registered ULC minister. I've even signed my name to three marriage licenses! Send me a note if you still need some help.
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Response by poster: Thank you all for the help! We found someone via Craigslist. I can now proudly say that I am the "Mrs." of Dr. and Mrs. Seesaw.

MetaFilter, seriously, you're the best.
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