Help me get a new battery for my laptop.
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I'm looking to purchase a "new" battery for my laptop... a simple google search brings up a ton of possibilities, while a froogle search brings up some more realistic prices. I'm looking for anyone that has experience with buying laptop batteries online.

More Importantly, where can I find an online store that won't try to sell me a battery that's been sitting in storage for 4 years (Li Ion batteries don't have the "memory" effect, but they have a much shorter shelf life and a much shorter cycle limit that the older style batteries)...

Any recommendations? Should I go with the cheapest 4-star rated Froogle match? Or is there a store that's been particularly wonderful to you, and you think I should pay a bit more to make sure I get their great service?
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Hmm, when I needed my laptop battery replaced, Gateway (ugh, don't ask) was able to provide it at about the same cost as I could find it on Froogle. Maybe I'm a rare case.

I wouldn't take the chance on buying from a store I didn't know the name of, or at the least, Google the company and see what you find out. You might try eBay as well.
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Try ebay, I bought a replacement battery for a thinkpad from a supplier in Hong Kong, half the price of regular online shops and it works great. Shipping took about 10 days (to Nepal, not noted for the speediness of the postal service)
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eBay has lots of replacement batteries. I bought one that was Dell branded and it has worked out fine.
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Have you tried Great, reputable supplier. I got my laptop there for about $400 cheaper than it would have been direct from IBM.
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I'm ebay-shy for things like batteries... and other things where it'll take a month to know whether or not I was ripped-off... call it a quirk or call it paranoid.
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(I did check newegg, they're one of my favorite online stores... unfortunately, they only have batteries for the laptops they sell, and it seems that this battery was phased out a year or two ago... bottom line, they don't have it)
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