Help me find shoes that are stylish, comfortable, don't look sporty at all and are suitable for everyday use.
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Help me find shoes that are stylish, comfortable, don't look sporty at all and are suitable for everyday use.

I want shoes that are stylish, comfortable, don't look sporty at all and are suitable for everyday use. Where online can I get shoes that fit this description?

All my life I've been wearing very sporty shoes which is kind of weird considering that I'm not athletic at all. Lots of the shoes I've worn in my life may have been comfortable, but sports shoes simply don't suit me; it's time for me to get something that's more me.

Thanks. Hope to get replies soon.

*Note - I live in Canada -- a cold country -- so recommendations for stylish shoes that are suitable to wear in the Winter are welcome.
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ColeHaan has nice men's shoes, I think, and the quality is very good (at least in women's shoes, anyway.) If you're looking for vibram soles, you might want to check out LLBean or the Canadian equivalent.
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I think we're going to need a lot more information. Are you talking about dress shoes to wear with a suit, or walking shoes, or something else? What sort of clothing do you usually wear? Can you post some photos of shoes you consider "stylish," because people mean a lot of different things by that? What is it about a shoe that makes it more or less comfortable for you? Do you wear a nonstandard size? Basically, you've given us very little information to go on. There are thousands of shoes in the world, and all of their manufacturers would tell you that they are stylish, comfortable, and suitable for everyday use. You're going to have to narrow it down a bit.
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Tom's shoes are AMAZING, although not that great in the winter.
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It's pretty inconvenient to get shoes online in Canada. Where are you?
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I take it you're looking for dude's shoes, since your profile says you're male?

My boyfriend has three pairs of shoes: a pair of "sporty" (i.e. every day wear) brown Clarks, a pair of nicer black Eccos for work, and a pair of surprisingly nice-looking black Clarks muckers for winter slush. They all look stylish, and can look casual or dressy depending on what he wears them with. Also, he walks a ton, and wouldn't wear them if they weren't extremely comfortable. So: Clarks and Ecco.
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What is your work environment like?
Do you walk everywhere or drive?
Do you have a specific budget in mind?

it's time for me to get something that's more me

How would you describe you?
How would you consider your style?
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There were a couple of good comments in this previous question.

Differences between brands

$500 vs. $500
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I was in your situation for a very long time, then I discovered Olivier Strelli and have only bought his shoes... sadly I believe they are only available in Belgium and France.
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Clarks Lugger. (These are one of the very very few models in today's Clarks lineup that are actually stylish.)

Luggers are beautifully elegant, very comfortable, work in most seasons, and last forever.
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I've had good luck with oxfords from Børn. Styles change from year to year, but there's usually something like this in their collection that, for me, manages to hit a sweet spot that's comfortable, pretty traditional, and not overly formal.
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They're a little pricey, but I am a huge fan of Camper shoes. They are my preferred shoes for when I need to look presentable and spend a lot of time on my feet. You can usually find them on sale online.
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Check out Fluevog's line.
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Seconding Fluevog. They're Canadian (so no hassle with customs/duty), well-made and stylish. Not cheap, but the ones I've had have lasted a long time.

Here are some that would be good in winter (chunky sole):

Gibson Swirl
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(I meant to add, I live in Winnipeg and my husband wears his Fluevogs through the winter, and he walks and buses to work. His shoes are 3 years old now and still going strong.)
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Dansko clogs.
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I recommend looking at ECCO shoes.

I own several pairs of their dress shoes and one pair of their outdoor/hiking shoes. They're well made, comfortable (the hiking shoes are the most comfortable shoes I own), etc.
Their sizing tends to run big. I normally wear a Euro 42-43, but in ECCO I wear a 41-42.
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RE: shoes that are good for winter. I lived in Montréal a while ago and, let me tell you, when it gets to -40C and you want to be outside for a long time you are not going to find a magic pair of shoes that'll withstand those temperatures.

However, I found a solution. For Igloofest I wanted to hang outside for hours in terribly cold weather. Solution? Reflecticve insoles. They don't cost more than 10 bucks, last for a while, but unfortunately begin to smell quite terribly after a month, so get more than one pair at any shoe store.

So for Igloofest my feet were warm and quite toasty, but I lost sensation in the tips of my ears and fingers; you win some, you lose some.
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I highly recommend Bostonian shoes. I wear these. At Nordstrom Rack, they tend to cost around $60. I've worn Ecco in the past, and they're comfortable but I find myself preferring the Bostonians. Not sure why. Ecco are good though. I guess I just think they're overpriced, not to mention I prefer the look of Bostonians.

I don't have a car, which means I put shoes through one heck of a workout.
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