What show came on AFTER Arliss on HBO?
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There was a show on HBO that came on AFTER Arliss that I remember loving. I've been trying to figure out what this show was by searching the internet and asking around to see if anyone else remembers it. I remember it was a comedy, but I don't remember the name or anything about it!

It wasn't:
Sherman Oaks
Mr. Show (although it kicked ass)
Larry Sanders

It was a show, when Arliss was in original production, that came on right after. I remember sitting through Arliss bored to watch this show. What the hell was it?!?!?!?!? Does anyone remember the HBO schedule or have any idea what I'm talking about? Thanks.
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Mind of the Married Man
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No dice.
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Dream On ?
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It was Dream on. Curtm got it.

They'd flash between reality and old tv that expressed someone's emotions.

More links from the IMDB about Dream On.
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Two suggestions: you could go to a library and look at a newspaper's TV listings from then, or you could write to HBO and ask them.
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Perversions of Science?
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It can't be Dream On, because the last episode of that aired a few months before the first episode of Arliss.

I just combed through Epguides.com, and the only shows I found that aired on HBO on the same nights as Arliss were Sex and the City (from 1998-2002), Six Feet Under (for one season in 2001), and The Wire (for one season in 2002).

Epguides.com doesn't tell me what times these shows aired, but I found this article from 2001 that suggests that Arliss was on at 9:30, followed by Six Feet Under at 10:00.
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Thanks for the help guys. :(
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You can search IMDB for tv series. And you can search for series which are distributed by HBO. There are less than 120 results. I wonder if there's some difference between what's broadcast by HBO and what's distributed by HBO. I think that "distributed" includes all things broadcast and maybe some more but I'm not sure. If that's the case, the only other question is the comprehensiveness of IMDB.
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Was it Tracy Takes On starring Tracy Ullman? If not, here's a list of HBO shows from Wikipedia. Maybe it will jog your memory.
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