Can you help me remember this show?
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I'm trying to remember an HBO series that was mentioned on AskMe recently. It lasted for only one season, and had to do with romantic relationships and marriages (I think) and was a character-study sort of show. Help?
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Was it Tell Me You Love Me? It was on HBO in 2007.
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Yes indeed. Thanks!
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From the comments at the A. V. Club it sounds like a terrible show. You should take a look at True Love. It's a 5-parter, same themes as you mention above, set in Margate, England. Terrific acting.
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I truly loved Tell Me You Love Me so I say disregard the comments and watch it!
It impressed me with the decision to stay with the situations and the characters without cutting away when fights started or sexy stuff started.
I wish so much that it had been picked up. I still think about the characters a lot and wonder how one particular couple ended up (yes, I know tv isn't real).
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Seconding that this was a very good show worth watching.
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Good enough for me! Added to my list.
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I was fond of the show too, though I remember the pacing being glacially slow at times (as someone over at Television Without Pity wrote after one particularly interminable episode "This is like watching paint fuck!"). And they kept having Sonya Walger's character peeing on pregnancy test sticks and then pull up her underwear without bothering to wipe herself dry and NEVER washing her freaking hands, which drove us absolutely crazy on the message board. Once could be forgiven as bad editing/blocking, but in multiple episodes, including once when she was wearing panty hose without underwear, it became just mind-bogglingly gross.

But I loved the Tim DeKay/Ally Walker storyline (married couple who haven't had sex in a very long time), it was worth suffering through the dull parts of every other episode to get to their big finish.
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I loved this show and am thirding that you should most definitely watch it. I was bummed when I found out it was not being renewed!
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