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I am in Ontario, Canada. Where can I buy reasonably priced - nay, cheap - craft supplies online?

Inspired by this question and my desire to take up more productive/crafty hobbies when I'm done school, I'd like to do up some offensive cross stitch samplers. Does anyone know of a good website where a Canadian lady on a budget might get the necessary supplies? Bonus points if it has more than just cross stitch/embroidery supplies, as I have been known to knit, crochet, and bead on occasion.
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Not online, but you might try scoping Value Village. The specific stores vary in what will show up, but often craft supplies are available, and of course, super cheap. All my knitting needles are from VV, for example.
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I don't know about embroidery supplies because that's not my bag... but Elann has screamingly good deals on yarn for knitting/crocheting. What's on sale varies, so if nothing is jumping out at you, check back later. Knit Picks is not Canadian but has many cheap yarns, too.

Maybe keep an eye on eBay? I have gotten a lot of craft stuff for very cheap from people who are destashing.
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Online - Herrschners. Their physical storefront is in Kitchener and there's a back room with discounted stuff.
Not online - have you checked your local Lens Mill? Cheap crafts supplies, among many other random cheap things. The biggest one is in Cambridge.

Both of those will have cross-stitch supplies, beading stuff, and yarn. Pretty good prices on sale.

Also not online but crazy cheap yarn if you're willing to make the drive - the Spinrite factory outlet in Listowel. They do a tent sale every August (and a midwinter sale in February) where you can get super deals.

I have ordered yarn from both Elann and Knit Picks in the past and can recommend them. Good deals.
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