Neurofeedback for treating depression...does it work?
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I'm looking for scientific or anecdotal evidence for neurofeedback as a treatment for depression
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I know that Hazeldon does it a bunch in conjunction with dual diagnosis for substance abuse and depression. Google for "Hazelden Neurofeedback." "Type-Specific EEG Biofeedback Improves Residential Substance Abuse Treatment," e.g. Footnote spidering from there should be pretty easy.
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Ugh. Sorry. That google link should be: "Hazelden neurofeedback."
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There is this link here

which also gives a list of references back to their scientific studies further on down the page
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I just finished reading A Symphony in the Brain by Jim Robbins on the subject of neurofeedback. Good book, interesting subject. Bottom line, as of the writing of that book (1999), there was some good (but not overwhelming) research evidence for the effects of neurofeedback. Practitioners were having a hard time getting the funding for the more extensive studies which could provide more conclusive evidence. Clinicians using neurofeedback were strongly convinced that it was a very powerful tool for a variety of problems, including depression.

I've been wanting to do more research on the subject, so I'll be interested in whatever info others have.
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I asked a psychologist about this once, and was told that they thought it could have a very powerful effect, which they described as being exactly the same as the placebo effect.
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Some reference links from a website client who practices neurofeedback:

EEG Spectrum
EEG Info
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