Where can I get glamour shots done in Toronto?
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I need to get a glamour shot done ASAP for a friend. Is there a place in Toronto (downtown preferably but I don't mind going up to the suburbs) where I can get one done quickly and relatively cheaply? A google search has revealed nada so far.
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Response by poster: Just to clarify: this needn't be super classy. A bargain basement glamour shot would suffice.
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I don't live in Toronto, but I never have any luck with Google where a yellow pages is the appropriate tool to use.

In my area, we actually have a franchise called "Glamour Shots", so that makes it easy. Unfortunately, they don't seem to have that in Tortono. You might have to phone up some of these places to see if they can do that sort of thing.
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If you can find a Loblaws Superstore (one of those big Loblaws that also has a bunch of other services), most of them have professional photographers on hand. I've had VERY good luck getting a last minute "glamour shots" style photo done there (although it was of a stuffed toy, and not a person)
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There used to be a Glamour Shots in Mississauga's Square One Mall...but they're not listed in the store directory any more. Their website doesn't list any stores in Canada, either.

Further to nprigoda's suggestion, you could take your friend to one of the make-up counters downtown (MAC on Bloor and on Queen come to mind) first.
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There used to be a glamour photo place in the Eaton Centre. I dunno what it was called or if it's still there but the generic Eaton Centre info booth people would know.
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There are occasionally posts on Toronto's LJ community from student photographers and make-up artists who want to do portfolio work. Assuming you're attractive enought before being glamorized for a portfolio, you might try posting there, or Craigslist to see who you can get to do it for you.
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