Two night stay in Doolin
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Hey all! On our third attempt at doing OMG Ireland*, my partner and I finally made it! Yay! And just in time for 20 years together! Day 5 into our excursion, it appears our bnb host for the next two nights may have ghosted us. Anyone know of a good inexpensive place to stay near Doolin for the next two nights (checking in 20/11/2023 and out 22/11/2023)? Original cost for bnb was 174 usd. We will spend more, of course, bc of the situation. But, any help would be so greatly appreciated. Heck if you have a spare bedroom near Doolin, we would take that and gladly give the money to you, in case the expected bnb falls through. *Will add links to previous OMG Ireland ask mes later. No access to a pc right now and really much more concerned about lodging for two days.

Also, I know I am already making a huge ask, but if you can memail if you can offer direct help it would be so greatly appreciated. We'll be driving most of tmrw so not a lot of time to check the green.

All y'all are wonderful.
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I don’t have a suggestion, but we were faced with something similar several years ago and a barman at the bigger pub in town sorted us out. Maybe give that a try? Good luck!
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When we went to Ireland, we were unable to stay in Doolin, and ended up staying in Lisdoonvarna, about a 7km/4.5mi down the road. It was lovely, and less touristy than Doolin, so consider that as an option if you have a means of transport
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if you can stay at Sheedy's, their breakfast is amazing!
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Response by poster: Bnb finally confirmed our stay. Thanks all!
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