Do you recognize this t-shirt from 1992?
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In this 1992 video the person on the right is wearing a fun t-shirt with a geometric leopard cat thing. Do you recognize the design? At 0:14 there's a closeup but it's still too blurry to read the text at the upper left. Because of the square background, it kind of looks like it might be from a record album cover
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Great question! Tshirts like this I feel were everywhere in the 90s so I don't think it's an album cover. I think the key is the signature but Pixel Enhance is only a TV gimmick sadly! Google image search of a screenshot of the tshirt is finding nothing.

I've tried some names...Fran Fenimore? Nothing. Emma Everyone? Too much nonsense.
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Best answer: I found the full episode, and at 13:22 Hannah moves and you can see the word LYNX at the lower right. I believe it's also on her sleeve.

Digging a bit further, it's one of three "roar of disapproval" shirt designs for the Lynx Trust in the 1980s, this one by Cathie Felstead, and you can buy it here.
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Yeah, this is definitely a design type I remember seeing frequently. I also agree it's not an album cover, the square shape was just a popular style choice. Unfortunately all my searches are coming up with random mixes of true vintage and "vintage" designs, none of which look right.
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Response by poster: Thanks, zippy! Great detective work and I might need to buy a shirt now.
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Wow! I love a good roar of disapproval
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Amazing. I have just ordered one.
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I had an email from an actual person at Lynx today acknowledging my order. I replied saying that there might be more orders than normal and sent her a link to this thread. She said there were waaay more orders than she'd have expected in her Inbox this morning, and now she knows why!
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Response by poster: Amazing! I'm planning to order soon too, if they ship to the US.
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Oh my goodness. I have one of the original t-shirts - the Hilary McManus design.
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It's by Cathie Felstead for the Lynx anti-fur campaign back in the 1990's. We have just re-issued this vintage shirt, along with the two other design originals. Check out our website
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