Help me find my new favorite t-shirt.
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For years, I have lived in the Eddie Bauer Women's Favorite Short Sleeve V-Neck T-shirt. It would be perfect if the armscye were larger. Can you help me find a t-shirt just like this one with a larger armscye?

This t-shirt is SO close to being perfect. The fabric is soft and comfortable but still thick enough to hold its shape, so it's as structured as can be expected of a knit t-shirt and doesn't have any bra seam show-through. The fit is slim without being skin tight or constricting. It doesn't stretch or become baggy throughout the course of a day. The v-neck is the perfect depth. It's shaped to come in at the waist and out at the hips, which is flattering to my hourglass figure. It's cut generously enough in the chest that the fabric doesn't pull or strain across my breasts. I'm quite short-waisted but by some miracle its length is exactly right for me, hitting just above the widest part of my hips. I mostly own it in black and the color stays true despite many, many washings. It comes out of the dryer without any rolling at the edges or misshapen seams.

Its imperfection, and the reason I'm looking for something new, is that the armscye (a word I didn't even know existed until I started googling for information about this) is SO small. Right where the sleeve is attached, the fabric stays plastered against my armpit all day and drives me bonkers. No air circulates, so my already-sweaty tendencies are exacerbated. Any deodorant I use ends up smeared on the shirt and leaves stains. I feel like I'm constantly fidgeting with the sleeves and pulling the shirt away from my armpits.

Does my perfect t-shirt, which is basically this t-shirt with a larger armscye, exist? Please share your favorite thick, slim-fitting, hourglass-shaped, v-neck t-shirt with me. I can't say price is no object but I'm definitely willing to pay more for a quality item that meets my criteria.

For reference, I'm 5' 3", my basic measurements are 38-28-38, and I wear a 30G bra. (I wear a size small in the Eddie Bauer shirt but their sizing runs large and I suspect I'd be a medium in any other brand.)
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I had some great Old Navy v-necks that are wearing out and recently bought a few new ones. This Gap t-shirt is so soft. Might be worth a try.
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Also, my suggestion is to buy four or five from different retailers. I feel like this is the kind of thing where you just have to try a few and see.
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V-necks from Out of Print are perfect, but they aren't available with the book cover printing on them. But I LOVE their fit. I wear a small and I'm 33-28-34 and I find the fit comfy so I might go up to a medium for your larger bust size!
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These look pretty close to your wish list, and cheap enough to be worth a try.
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I live in Uniqlo's supima cotton shirts all summer and recommend them as both comfortable and affordable. The cotton is thicker but not a knit. They're a little baggier than your favorites too, but not as much as it looks like on the models.
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Duluth Trading tees resist fading: 1 (seems most similar to your link), 2 (different fabric blend, lighter weight)
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As soon as I read your description of the Eddie Bauer tee, I thought of my own favorite tee from J Jill. Theirs is a scoop neck and sleeves are a hair longer, but similar durability, comfort, substantial thickness without being hot. I have fat upper arms and can attest that the armscye is adequately sized. J Jill straight sizes run large, so you would likely want a small in this garment if you decide to try it.
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Seconding try the Gap. I have the round neck of this style. They have held up very well.
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Honestly, my solution to this is to just restretch that area every time I put a shirt on that has that issue. Like, I stick my arms in the sleeve and circle them around. I learned this from my dude spouse, who does not have the added complication of boob but is particularly sensitive to armpit discomfort.
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We are similar height and measurements, I'd recommend this Chico's v neck T. Comfy, thick and sturdy, flattering length to wear untucked, comes in a bunch of colors.

Measured a "size 1" (equivalent of 8-10), laid flat:
  • 9.5" from armpit seam to shoulder, so 19" around armscye.
  • 23" from back of neck to bottom of shirt.
  • 7" from back of neck to bottom of v opening.

  • Also have Chico's true color T, but it's armscye is about 1" less and the v is not as deep, so probably not as good for you.
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    Thank you all so much for your suggestions. I've ordered a bunch of them and I'm optimistic that among them is my new favorite!
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    I just want to thank the OP because her almost perfect shirt ended up being my perfect t-shirt because my spindle arms actually PREFER a smaller armscye instead of a drippy cloth sweat cave. I ordered 4 and they were perfect. Thanks OP!
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