on deleting the facebook account
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What is the best way to delete my Facebook account so that they have the least amount of information in their databases about me? Ideally none.

For example, should I set my location to somewhere in Europe before deleting? Should I wait until there's better regulation/enforcement? Etc.

Please only answer if you have more experience with this than five minutes of searching the internet. I don't use Facebook much, so don't worry about me having to disentangle anything.
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Where do you live now? In particular, are you in California?
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Response by poster: I will be soon!
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Social Book Post Manager will allow you to batch delete your posts. Were I seeking what you're seeking, this would be a step in my process.
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More about California.. Facebook: California Privacy Notice. We have a new privacy law in California that is in some ways like GDPR in Europe. In particular it gives California residents the right to "request a business to delete any personal information about a consumer collected from that consumer." This is all new but Facebook seems to at least say they will comply. So along with anything else you do, you might want to make your deletion request the day you can say you are a California resident. (Which may well be the day you arrive in the state.)

On top of that you should follow all the normal procedures, doubled down for Facebook fuckery. The Delete Facebook website is good, particularly for explaining the difference between deactivation and actual deletion.

Even after you delete it, Facebook will continue to build a model for you. It just won't have your Facebook account attached to it. They'll still have one master record with your name, address, your list of Facebook friends, etc. I'm not sure how one goes about deleting this shadow record in Facebook. You can make it harder for them to build one up by being zealous about blocking all Facebook cookies. Privacy managers and ad blockers help.
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This Washington Post article says that Facebook (among several other companies) will accept CCPA requests from all Americans.
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Response by poster: Is it better to do the Euro version of the delete for any reason?
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