T-shirts with a broken-in, heavy, soft material
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I came across a t-shirt I really liked and am trying to find more similar. The shirt in question was a cotton/linen stretchy blend but seemed very broken-in, the fabric was heavy and had a soft, heavy hand. Whatever the opposite of tissue t's. Draped beautifully. Kind of looked like extremely lightweight sweatshirt that you'd had for 10 years. I'm looking for more, ideally without slogans on the front.

I'm looking for casual, wear around the house t-shirts that are like your favorite, heavy-weight broken in shirt from day 1. 100% linen doesn't work for me (the all wrinkles all the time look is not my favorite). The closest I get to this are Hanes beefy tees, but this shirt was even heavier than that. Any recommendations on other places that I can find this kind of shirt?
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Uniqlo Women's U Crew Neck short-sleeve t-shirt. It's a heavy duty fabric, similar to a light sweatshirt. The men's version is my favorite t-shirt.
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Mate t-shirts are like this, and Marine Layer as well.
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This sounds like Duluth Trading Company Long-Tail T's... I could not be more happy. Very heavy and soft fabric.. doesn't necessarily feel or look aged/broken in but still soft and comfy to wear off the rack
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2nding the Uniqlo U Crew Neck.
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