Yet another tall queer wardrobe question
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I really like a style of quirky print buttoned/collared shirts that have turned into a bit of a genderqueer cliche, like these femme "menswear" ones from Boden or these soft butch "womenswear" ones from Wildfang. (I don't mean Hawaiian shirts, or retro bowling shirts, or dad-casual shirts with footballs on them.) But whichever side of the store I'm shopping on, I need a tall size shirt, and the brands that sell this stuff don't seem to have tall sizes.

Prove me wrong! Who makes tall ones of these? Where should I look? What should I try?
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Bonobos. I was in a Bonobos store a few weeks ago while my tall husband tried on some clothes and saw quite a few similarly patterned shirts, I’m not sure how the structure is, but they have some great patterns and length and tailoring options.
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I haven't been shopping there in years but I remember in years past that Ted Baker shirts used to run pretty tall (I'm 6'5" about about 170 lbs. so this issue is very important to me as well).
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Eddie Bauer has tall sizes in similar shirts, but at the moment I'm not seeing the interesting prints they had last year.
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Long Tall Sally?
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Gap has women's and men's tall sizes and in my experience the women's tall items anyway are pretty long usually. It looks like it's mostly solids /stripes/plaids right now and not a lot of other prints though. Here's a menswear floral short sleeve shirt though.
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I am a Tall Nonbinary and I usually meet this need at ASOS.
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You may also have some luck with my previous question.
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Oh yes, ITheCosmos is right, ASOS has got you covered.
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I'm a genderqueer cliche too, and I like Bugatchi shirts for this niche and they apparently make some talls.
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